Friday, June 29, 2012

Pho Yeah its Friday!

Well here we are. Its finally Friday, although not Payday Friday, which is always disappointing...but Ill take what I can get. At least it's Pho Day across the street! Mmmm...delicious pho...

What! This isn't pho! No! Its my breakfast!
Simply Smoothie. And a big one at that!
Sleepy puppy
Gray Beard

I think my pet photo quota has been met for the week. I love my animals! You have been warned :)

And the best part of the day so far....
 Under six bucks! Cant beat that!

Tonight, going to Poppe's (gummi bear martinis, yay!) then picking up essentials at the co-op, then home to bake monster cookies for Brother. Tomorrow Im up early for yoga, then hair appointment (thank God) and then maybe Sumas Fireworks tomorrow night :) Happy weekend! Should be a great one ;-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ive got sunshine

Yipee!!! Its sunny today! Well, it was when I was taking these pics this morning!

Inside (duh) Ha! I just noticed MF on my bed!

Clearly I was in the middle of talking...oh well.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I really do not like what Im wearing today. I I should put on a riding helmet and go jump my horse. Only problem being, I don't have a horse...and I work in the IT department and don't actually even know how to ride a horse. Anyway, this outfit is due to the fact that I woke up freezing this morning and wanted to make sure I stayed warm at work. By the time I actually parked my car, it was blazing hot. Such is the weather in the PNW.

Stella dog is on her bed!
Ive been using honey as a facial cleanser in the mornings and I just happened to knock the container out of the shower and all over the bathroom floor this morning. Luckily, Clarice wasn't in the bathroom at the time and MF doesn't care about yummy delicious honey being within licking distance. She was more concerned with the birds outside the bathroom window. Which actually inspired me to make up a cat rap for her, which I wont share because of the language.

I remembered that I took this pic the other day and thought Id put it in this post. Seems fitting since this is turning into a rambling randomness anyway.

And one of MF for good measure!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last night I...

Made dinner-Tofu tacos with rice and black beans.

Bade my car farewell-and will admit I got a little teary eyed leaving her behind...but look at all that oil underneath for crying out loud!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I am suuuuper tired today. Was another busy weekend. Just hoping this week flys and that Saturday is here before I even know it. I start yoga on Saturday and get my hair done :)

This week I want to: Watch the second disc of True Blood, season Four.
Clean my house. Well, mostly just my bathroom. There is cat hair stuck to the wall! Weird.
Catch up on my sleep. I know that its not really possible, but I can still try.
Drop my film at Rite Aid. Costco doesn't develop film to CD anymore but they said to try RA.
Ive also been thinking that maybe I should shave Murderface up a bit. Shes getting all icky from rolling around in the dirt outside and shes hard to brush! I think she will like it :)

Today is the last day that Ill be driving my 4Runner :( Im faxing my insurance gal proof of registration on the Mercedes so she can transfer insurance. After work Ill drop it off at Isaak's. I love my car and wish it could be fixed. I won't be able to drive over curbs anymore, or pull out into traffic in a speedy manner. Its a very sad day indeed!!!  BUT! On the bright side, my insurance rates will go down since the Merc is an older car and Ill save money on fuel. I think the price of diesel is only a tiny bit more than gas. Isaak said he gets 500 miles to the tank! Yowza!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scary Monster and the Super Creeps

Before fake eyelashes

After fake lashes

Last night was my first experience seeing the county famous David Bowie Tribute band. The setting: The Shakedown. The company: Kris and Kellee. The outfit: Black on black (aka hooker attire). The music: Amazing.

I love me some David Bowie. Love love! I even broke out the fake lashes for this event. Which is a pretty big deal because dealing with that eyelash glue all over my eyelids and face is a real pain in the butt. But it was worth it. I channeled my inner drag queen last night. I felt quite brilliant. The performance was great and a good time was had by all. I will definitely be seeing them again as soon as possible. There was even a Labyrinth montage...which was so appreciated ;)

This morning was filled with errand running, laundry doing and dishwasher loading. Stella girl went with us while we went to the craft store, Costco, the co-op and the title transfer place. I am now the proud(ish) owner of a 1979 Mercedes Benz. Classy. As soon as I have insurance on Isaak's car, I'm parking my darling 4-Runner, probably for good. With its 2 quarts of oil per week habit, I can't afford to be driving it anymore. My baby is going to its final resting place where its soul will live on in car Heaven and frolic around with other deceased SUVs. This afternoon, we headed up to Lyndsay's dad's place to hang out for a June birthday extravaganza! Unfortunately, the monsoon hit shortly after we arrived and we spent a good hour huddling under metal roofed structure at the camping area trying to stay dry. Poor Pete was scared of the thunder and stuck pretty close to me. I found out that the sweet baby has cancer and probably wont live past this summer :( Such sad news.

The crazy pouring rain!

The rain let up and we were able to barbeque and hang out around the fire and play with the dogs. Tomorrow, the parents are coming for dinner and I'm in charge of making ribs. I also promised my dad I would serve up some oysters, so it looks like Ill be making a trip down to Taylor shellfish farm. I hope it will be a nice day for a drive!

Friday, June 22, 2012


For future reference, I hope I'll be able to tell just what Im wearing in this picture. The lighting is so terrible and the picture quality sucks! This outfit reminds me that I need to do laundry because Ive run out of clean clothes and had to resort to wearing this weird ensemble. The forecast on my phone clearly indicated rain, but I kept looking out the window and seeing clear skies and sun! I thought I should probably try and dress appropriately for the impending weather rather than the immediate sunshine.

Aw! There's little MF in the window!

Also, today is George's last day of work. Its sort of a bittersweet least there's a retirement cake...carrot cake...with buttercream frosting...which was too...buttery...I had to throw the frosting away! Inconceivable! Haha! Also watched the Princess Bride last night. HA!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Bits

Captured on iPhone film! Pieces of my A.M.

Morning warm water with LEMON!!!! NOT the other stuff it looks like!

Kitty snacking on the dogs food...also a daily occurrence.

Preparing my first cup of the day. With THE BEST creamer ever!

The perfect cup.

Dressed for the day.

And one from last night...sweet little Clarice sleeping on my tummy :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Im going to pick up razor refills so I can get my shave on (that sounds bad, don't care).
Put my film in my purse so I can drop it at Costco tomorrow.
Take Stella to the park and run her ragged.
Cook up a bunch of greens from my CSA.
Deep condition my hair.
While conditioning hair, paint nails.
While waiting for nails to dry, read my book. And probably stay up late to finish it :)

These books crack me up! This is the second one and luckily, Aunt Laurie sent home 3 and 4 as well! I love a good fluff series :)

Murderface Monday

William Murderface

I really love my pets, hence the name of this blog. My animals do some of the weirdest things. I feel that individually, they are unique, but the way they interact just blows my mind! I love telling stories about the strange things they do...they seem so human at times. I realized that I should be recording some of the things that my pets do that crack me up...that way, when they grow up and have kids of their own, I can share the stories of their parents with them! ha!

Um, anyway...

Murderface was brought into my life two summers ago.  She was a teeny tiny fluffball who would perch on Isaaks shoulder or be tucked away in sweatshirt hoods or front pockets. She used to go everywhere with us. Since Isaak was home alot, he was able to spend tons of time with her and to teach her and discipline her so she would grow up to be a respectable adult. She is the most well behaved cat Ive ever known. Shes also seriously smart. She amazes me on a daily basis. Recently, she has figured out that in order to open the door, we pull down on the handle. So, when I don't get up to let her out of the bedroom, she jumps for the door handle! She hasn't figured out how to do it on her own yet, but I anticipate it happening soon. So here's the latest MF story...Friday morning, I got up to let Stella out and didn't see Murderface anywhere. She usually greets me when I come out of my room and follows me around while I get my lemon water and put food in Stellas bowl..and then she snacks on the dog food while I go to let Stella back inside. I went outside to call for her and noticed long streaks of mud on the front door. It was obvious she had snuck out the front door when someone went outside the night before. The funny part was that I could see she had jumped up and tried to snag the door handle!!!  Poor baby...she wanted in so bad! And even weirder was the fact that Clarice was trying to wake me up sometime really early that morning and I couldn't figure out what her problem was. She only acts all crazy when something is the water bowl is empty...she gets this freaked out meow and gets all fired up. So I figured out thats what she was getting on about. She was trying to let me know that poor Murderface was stuck outside! Even though MF is such a jerk to her and is always hunting her and pouncing on her, Clarice was still concerned for MF's safety and comfort :) So sweet! Those two are so funny. Ive been noticing that Clarice is learning things from Murderface. She is a slow and thoughtful observer! HahahA!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nerd alert

Got tons of crap for putting peanuts in my bottle of Coke. I cannot remember the last time I had a regular soda. It coated my teeth in sugar! And left me with a gross feeling tummy and a headache! It was pretty tasty though, but I think it will be a long time til I have another.

I love the nerdy hp visor that I have sitting on my desk. Haha!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I picked up my second installment of locally grown produce yesterday afternoon and as I was unpacking the box and putting things away, I came across this:

Which immediately reminded me of this:

Look at that one in the middle! Its a dead ringer for that thing on my counter! I was going to wear it as a bracelet or something....I started chopping some up, thinking it was a strange type of green onion...then Meredith tried a bite and said it tasted exactly like she just ate a clove of garlic. What the what?!?!?! I got onto the Cedarville Farm website and found out they are called 'garlic scapes' which is the green part of the garlic plant that grows above ground. Wheres the rest of the plant??  I kind of feel like I got ripped off! haha!

Also, I realized my peonies were in full bloom outside and tried to cut as many as possible to put in vases before the rain/Dan/lawnmower ruined them. They are so heavy, alot of them actually end up laying on the grass. Dan doesn't seem to mind mowing over them when he cuts the grass...So now I have tons of fresh flowers in the house. ALSO!!! Last week when I was at the co-op, they were selling 5 stem bunches of peonies for $10.98!!!! Unbelievable!!! And mine are just laying all over the ground getting munched up by the lawnmower!!!! Bah! I should build a flower stand or something! Sell some of those things, make them work for a living!

Some that I put in my bedroom (excuse the cord behind them)
A lovely closeup with horrible resolution

I brought these ones for Kris. The light pink are my favorite, but I also have several of the dark pinkish purple plants...peonies for DAYS!!!!

Worth watching

 Okay, so this song has been in my head since...probably April. In this case, I'm okay with it. I love the song. And the still my heart!!! Perfect Perfect PERFECT!!!!

Also, something needs to be said about this. Listen up Fall 2012! You better get yourself ready because its coming! And its going to be listened to on repeat.

UUUHHHH!!! Such a tease!
both vids found on youtube.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer to-do's

I've come to realize that once the sun arrives around theses parts, every weekend will be busy from now til October. So...I thought Id better come up with a list of things I want to experience before the rainy season starts again. That is, assuming it ever actually stops...

  • Go to a Mariners game: I try and make this happen at least once a season. Man, I sure do love that place!
  • Camp the Peninsula: Once again, something that Ive come to love doing at least once during the summer. I already took a couple of days off in August and talked to Michelle about going over. I loved the place we camped last time. Even though I was sick, it was still a dream! 
  • Build a chicken house for the baby chickens: This is a bit more in Dan's realm, but I still want to get it finished...maybe before summer?
  • Take the dog on a picnic out at Semiahmoo: Such a pretty place and so close, yet so easily forgotten by me. Not sure why that is. Best to take advantage of the closeness.
  • Check out at least one performance during the Bellingham Festival of Music: Its been a few years since I attended and I miss going.
  • Float the Nooksack River: Did it last year sober. Was not much fun. Stella liked it though! She got to wear her new life jacket! This year will have sober driver, beer, floating cooler, normal people to accompany me. 
  • Lynden Fair: As a matter of fact, did this last year on same afternoon as sober river float. Will do on separate days this year. Was too tired from all day on river to enjoy much about the fair. Must get there early enough to A) See every single animal B) See every single crafty thing C) Eat every single thing in sight.
  • Harrison day trip. If I can't afford to stay at the resort, the least we can do is visit for the day and lounge around on the beach and hit up the hot springs. Oh! And check out that amazazing looking garden!!! 
  • Hike at least twice a month. Earlier in the year, my goal was to go on at least one hike a month. But after forking over 30 bucks for a Discover Pass, I'm upping the anty. Gonna get my money's worth outta that puppy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too much Tuesday

I really hope 'window shopping' is going to help curb my appetite for actually checking out once my virtual shopping cart is full.

Here are some of the pretty dresses I found waiting for me on Modcloth :)

So adorable!

I also worked on my Netflix queue...moving Season 4 of True Blood to the top! Cant wait to get that party started Muwahahaa!!!

And one other hair is HUGE so big that its kind of embarrassing...makes me feel like Stephanie Plum. I guess I actually got some of the volumizer on my head this morning, rather than spraying it all over my face like usual.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Review

Pretty colors!

1) Found a cool bag while thrifting.

2) Helped with Danzelle's wedding invitations...which are VERY cute!

3) Planted the window boxes (finally).

4) Saw Snow White with Kellee (who had some exciting news!)...was pretty good!

5) Watched The Deer Hunter creepy.

6) Had Meredith's fam and my fam over for dinner...quite the even, but seems to have gone well.

Okay, now for one positive thing....I'm thinking...really racking my brain here...uh...I know! I'm thankful for my self awareness.  Knowing what I want is going to help drive me to reach my goal! Thank goodness for the internet!

Note to self: Turn that frown upside down!!! Happy Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Giving Thanks

Well, I didn't seem to have any kind of problem when I woke up this morning, but by the time I was leaving for work, my bad attitude had inflated and was getting the best of me. I mean, like, really out of in kicking my shoe out of rage so hard it shot across the room. I thrifted a really cute dress the other day and had planned on wearing it with some wedges and THE denim jacket.  That plan was shot to Hell when I realized that the rain had still not stopped. Days and days of rain! UGH! So frustrated! I went outside to start my car and let it warm up and by the time I got back inside, my legs were completely wet! I decided to throw something else on so that I wouldn't freeze all day long. And by that, I mean I literally threw clothes on my body, scarf and boots included. I rounded up my belongings, grabbed my coffee and stomped out to the car, called my mom and started the conversation with, 'You know, its REALLY hard to stay positive when its been raining every single day for what seems like eternity' she agreed. Then I conveyed my feelings of stress over an upcoming dinner that I will be hosting this Sunday. She said she will help. By the time I got off the phone with her, I had definitely simmered down. Now, sitting at my desk, I was thinking about how things get blown out of proportion and seem to be so much worse than they actually are. Its just rain for crying out loud! It makes the things around here green and keeps everything alive! It also reminds me that maybe I should get serious about trying to move somewhere that isn't temperature and sun challenged. I need to remember the reason why people are coming for dinner and to not let silly things get to me. Summer will be here...soon...I think and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are doughnuts on the table in the lunchroom and I'm meeting great friends for dinner tonight. My brother is doing his completion speech at BTC next week, Isaak is taking care of business, Danzelle's bridal shower is next weekend, the animals all have their flea meds, and Quentin Tarantino has a new movie (with Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!!) coming out in December, signing up for a yoga class and buying tickets online to see Snow White and the Huntsman tomorrow with Kellee. I guess when I lay it all on the line, things are pretty darn sweet right now :)

And just because its Friday...
Such good hottness. Boy, I sure do love his sweet face! haha!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few bedtime photos

My conversation with Murderface earlier this evening...'Murderface, I love you so much, why do you hate me?' Murderface as she turns away with an indifferent shrug, 'I dont HATE you, I just don't need you as much as you need me' uuuuhhh!! Such an ahole! I swear, she is the cutest thing on this planet and doesn't ever want love!!! One of these days...

Well, I decided to pull out the old photo booth again, much to Clarice's dismay...

Proof that she does actually like me!

They were sniffing each other but I was too slow taking the pic!

My little Peanut :)