Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend: Olympic Peninsula (photo overload!)

We woke up unnaturally early Saturday morning, loaded up the dog and hit the road. Hopped on the ferry and 30 minutes later we were in Port Townsend.

Stopped at Metro Bagels, which, in my opinion is better than The Bagelry by far. Scarfed down a bfast bagel and made our way to our first stop, Crescent Beach. This is where I camped this summer with Michelle and Kenny. The most gorgeous sunsets ever. This time around, there were about a billion people surfing. So cool! I wouldve liked to have stopped to watch, but there really wasnt anywhere to off we went. Next stop Lake Crescent. We hiked out to the devils punch bowl. So pretty. It was a little bit disappointing because the lake is usually super turquoise, but the overcast sky made it pretty grey...except where the cliff shaded the water.

My fave!!

 The plan was to check out Sol Duc Falls, but we discovered the resort was well as the road. Total bummer. We snapped a few pics of the snow and then headed on our way.

We decided to stop at one of the beaches along the coast...first one that looked good was Ruby beach. There were quite a few people there. Lots of other dogs too. Freezing cold! Luckily we had our cold weather gear. Which made traipsing around on the beach rather tiring, but it was so worth it! The fog was so couldn't see anything in the distance.

I love how all of the rocks are flat

Shed our snow pants and headed to our final destination, the Lake Quinault Lodge...

Sunday morning dawned pretty clear, making for a nice drive home. However, we drove South and then up I-5...which certainly wasnt the prettiest part of the peninsula :(
Overall, the trip was worth it. Chris said he had a really good time too. The perfect pre-wedding overnight getaway. Which reminds me, WERE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekend recap

Im so glad this is a 3 day work week. This four day weekend was amazing, but so so busy.
I cant wait for this get away for a night so we can have some time for just us before the wedding. Im so excited to have Chris trapped in the car with me for HOURS. HAHAHA! Ive been telling Stella about our trip and shes getting excited too! Im keeping my fingers crossed we dont run into any snow, but just in case, we're taking Chris' moms CRV. I have the whole trip planned out, but am totally open to any changes in the plan. I just know that check in at Lake Quinalt is at 4 so we should be there sometime after that.

Seriously though, this weekend was great. Getting to spend so much time with family was awesome!

Well, heres some of what went on this weekend:


Photos at the park to test out places for our wedding pics.
Sleeping :)
The bay with a storm coming.
Drinking beer while shopping for beer.
Dinner at Bayou.
Winnie and Uncle Chris.
Unflattering pic of me laying on the floor with little Sweetums.
Stella and her new favorite toy.
Someone getting attention from her dad.

Oh my goodness, Im ready for a vacation. HA!