Monday, June 25, 2012


I am suuuuper tired today. Was another busy weekend. Just hoping this week flys and that Saturday is here before I even know it. I start yoga on Saturday and get my hair done :)

This week I want to: Watch the second disc of True Blood, season Four.
Clean my house. Well, mostly just my bathroom. There is cat hair stuck to the wall! Weird.
Catch up on my sleep. I know that its not really possible, but I can still try.
Drop my film at Rite Aid. Costco doesn't develop film to CD anymore but they said to try RA.
Ive also been thinking that maybe I should shave Murderface up a bit. Shes getting all icky from rolling around in the dirt outside and shes hard to brush! I think she will like it :)

Today is the last day that Ill be driving my 4Runner :( Im faxing my insurance gal proof of registration on the Mercedes so she can transfer insurance. After work Ill drop it off at Isaak's. I love my car and wish it could be fixed. I won't be able to drive over curbs anymore, or pull out into traffic in a speedy manner. Its a very sad day indeed!!!  BUT! On the bright side, my insurance rates will go down since the Merc is an older car and Ill save money on fuel. I think the price of diesel is only a tiny bit more than gas. Isaak said he gets 500 miles to the tank! Yowza!

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