Monday, July 22, 2013

'Gatsby? What Gatsby?'

I just about lost my mind when I heard that a new version of this movie was coming out. To find out my number 1 would be starring in it did me in. I wanted to scream and cry like a teenager watching Titanic for the 30th time. Ah, much talent wasted on supermodels and sobriety. Juuuust kidding! God.
Anyway, I waited and waited and waited for the show to hit the theater. Circumstances prevented me from seeing it and my heart broke when I found out it was no longer playing :( So I waited and prayed and waited some more and FINALLY!!!! Saw that there was a second chance showing at the other theater. I forced Chris to go with me. We took a break in the middle of packing and headed to the mall. Giant popcorn and giant soda and tons of napkins. There were a surprising number of people there for a Sunday afternoon showing. Interesting.

Apart from the crap quality of that theater compared to the shiny new one, the film was absolutely magical. Even though I find Tobey Maguire less than awesome, the casting was spot on.
Oh my!!!! Im not sure how anyone could give it a less than perfect rating. So much perfectness is hard to come by. Love love loveeeeddd it! You know how when something is just so amazing, it makes you want to throw up? No? Not so much? Maybe it was the popcorn. I cant wait to see it again when I buy it on dvd. Uggghhhh!!!!

I stole all of these pics off IMDB.

 AWWWWW!!! Is obvious who I fancy the most ;-)

Up to

Our lives mostly consist of packing. Packing packing packing.  I didnt realize I have so much STUFF. Looking forward to getting rid of lots of it.

Okay, so weve also been up to some other stuff (in between packing) that is a little bit more fun related.

We went to a Weird Al concert. That was...weird. HAHA! But sooo funny! Wow! That guy has energy!

'Say Weird Al'


Lets see, what else...
The dress I ordered to wear at the reception

Traveled out to Birch Bay for some fun!

Vegan waffelles with soy yogurt and blueberries.


Coffee in a keg cup. Why are there keg cups at work???

Heartburn pizza

Tumeric lassi.

Pulled pork sandwich. MUCH better than my sad attempt at pulled pork!

Grits and stuff. Delicious.

Baby shower cake.

Over easy eggs that turned into fried eggs-in tortillas. Always in tortillas.

Pot stickers and egg rolls-lunch amidst the chaos.

 Clearly I like to take pictures of what I eat.

Monday, July 15, 2013

To Do

I have all these...things that need to be done. I feel so busy and stressed right now :(
I hate to say it, but Im looking forward to our reception being behind us. Im so excited to see everyone and spend time with them, but my schedule is so crazy right now. Luckily, I do have most everything done and awesome helpers to help me finish up the rest. I just feel tired of having daily check lists and having so much to juggle.

Now, to be fair, I do have alot to look forward to!!!
I only have a week and a half left of work.
I cant wait to live somewhere that is close to Whole Foods and Nordstrom.
No matter what, everything is going to be just fine :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I just went through my phones camera roll and deleted nearly all of the photos I have...all the space was used up! While my fingers were lightening-fast moving pics to the trash, I was able to take a little 5 minute stroll down memory lane. Life has been quite hectic recently. Trying to sort out packing and moving, planning our wedding reception, trying to find a new job in Vancouver, cleanup at my current job...the list goes on. All the while I'm trying to desperately hang on to the here and now. As well as my sanity. Bellingham has been my home for 31 years! My entire life is here. My family, my friends, my favorite places. Jumping into an entirely new life is SCARY.  The ONLY things I know for certain is: we have a place to live for the next 6 months, and Chris will be there with me. Other than that, I'm walking in blind. Putting my trust in someone else is hard for me. Ive been pretty independent and now Ill take this next step, pretty much dependent on someone else. I'm excited and nervous and sad and scared. And wondering if I'm a bit crazy. But I'm also doing this with the most amazing person I've ever met.
There is no turning back at this point.
And honestly, I wouldn't want to.
Just take a deep breath...and jump.

Scenes from around:

My favorite pizza place EVER.


Happy 4th!

What happens when Auntie and Uncle babysit.

Spending some time at the R! Chris' first time!

It was hot.

Stella lost her ball. She was sad :(

We consoled her with beer. That made her happy! I, however, should've shared more of my beer, because the next day, I was sad :(
 Since my stupid phone filled up with pictures, I haven't taken many lately. Buuuuuut...we have been doing some fun stuff. Like: meeting up with friends for beers at Kulshan, watching Indiana Jones on the big screen while eating a crisp bean burrito, planning reception type stuff...blah blah blah. I will say this though, I am NOT eating another burrito til our reception! 4 days in a row of burritos is enough!!!