Thursday, November 29, 2012

Currently making me smile

1) This guy and his stache

2) Notification that my modcloth order was delivered

3) Someone showing interest in renting Chris' condo.

4) A new coffee maker?
5) The fact that this day is nearly over. Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Well, made it to the pool this morning, but forgot to bring my win some, you lose some.
The BEST thing though was all of the little old people taking the water aerobics class. I scoped them out as I was leaving. So cute! Listening to Jennifer Lopez. I thought that was odd.

I think that its worth it to be completely sleep deprived every once in awhile because it makes you so much more appreciative when you actually get some sleep. Yesterday, I thought I was going to lose my mind, I was so tired. By the time I got home, I was feeling more like myself. Still quite irritable though. I thought it would be a good idea to clean the bathroom, that way Id avoid being around other people...and Id have a clean bathroom. Apparently, I failed to notice that one (Clarice) of the cats had barfed on the bed until I was just about to climb in. I almost went through the roof! GAH! Its all good. Today I feel so much better and tonight Kellee is coming over to watch Twilight movie and Chris will be home. Thank goodness for that...I woke up in the middle of the night with a cat on either side of me, pinning me beneath the duvet! Scary!!! I need him there to regulate. And to keep us warm.

God! I still smell like the pool!
Okay, time to be productive-ish.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Going to see this dude tonight. Oh baby!
Thank you darling husband-to-be for making my dream come true :)

Oh yeah! And then there's THISSSSS!!!!

Mmmmmm....Im in loveeeee!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Thursday is Thanksgiving so Im trying to fill my head with things that Im thankful for, rather than dwelling on...other things...
I feel like usually, I do a pretty decent job of this. Lately, there's been alot of stress in my daily life. I'm very much a girl who likes routine and stability. I'm a Taurus through and through. Its hard to be flexible and adapt to change. The changes to my life are for the better. Better by times a bajillion. But still...change. My heart is so happy for these changes, but they still cause things to be shaken up. I cant wait for Chris to be fully moved in, but in the meantime, the house is a mess. I cant wait to be married, but along with that has come some misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Trying to make myself happy as well as making others happy has been challenging. Recently, having to deal with being in pain has put a damper on my usually bright disposition. I don't want my body to feel unnatural anymore. I want to have energy and be able to move around like a 30 year old, not be uncomfortable and sore and have to be careful with my body, like someone much older. I worry about how I'm going to handle being pregnant...and, eventually, take care of my children. I need to be militant about taking care of myself, so that I can be healthy enough to take care of my family. Stress can cause pain and pain causes stress. Not good.
So...moving on to the thankfulness part.

I am thankful that I have the ability to strengthen my body and to remain positive. This will get better, its just a matter of time and effort.

I am SO excited to share my house with Chris. I would happily get rid of pretty much everything I own to make room for him. Realizing that possessions are just things has been a revelation for me. Material objects don't define me. My past doesn't define me. My thoughts and passions and experiences and my love and my heart define me. Knowing this, I can let go. Its such a good feeling. I feel secure with who I am and with my relationship and I don't need THINGS.
Well, just a few things...ha!
I am thankful for this experience.

I'm thankful to be marrying the kindest most generous thoughtful loving hard working intelligent man Ive ever met. Someone who makes loving them effortless, someone who gets me, someone who just KNOWS me. I was born for him. This is what its all about.
So, regardless of any miniscule amount of stress I'm experiencing, I cant get over the feeling of being the luckiest girl alive. I cant wait to marry my best friend and to start our crazy life together. It isn't about the wedding, its about the marriage. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I cant wait. I am thankful for my family and how supportive and understanding they can and will be. I'm thankful for my new family and how kind and accepting they are. Lucky lucky lucky.

In two days, I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family. It will be the first time away from my parents for a holiday. Ever. The feeling is bittersweet. More changes. But I will still be with family. A great family. MY family. Yeah, I can totally deal :) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big Things

Cannot stop cracking up over this...clearly I'm Penny on that show...wait and also in real life!

 Lots going on order of occurrence:

  •  Selected location for wedding (Whatcom Falls) chose date for reception (May 18).
  • Surgery consult-under the knife not happening.
  • iPhone 5 received-AMAZEBALLZ!!!
  • Ballard weekend-Martine is gone (sad) hotel sucked (also sad) food poisoning? (horrible).
  • Chris' wedding band arrived-we are now practically married (niceeeeeeee).
  • Joined BAC-love it. Absolutely. Love. It.
  • Breaking Dawn part 2 tonight-so unbelievably excited!!!!! 
  • Moving Chris in next weekend-also unbelievably exciting! 
Hmmm...what else is happening...probably something really super important that Im forgetting...
Im really looking forward to this weekend. Will hopefully throw stuff away organize, have some downtime, get a workout in, spend time with Stella, have dinner with fam Saturday AND Sunday!
What else what else what else????? Thats all Ive got.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Bits

I really should kick my own ass for not bringing a real camera. I haven't seen such a display in a long time...must have something to do with the weather holding out for so long last month. Took Stella for a little hike at horseshoe bend Saturday while Chris was at yoga. Ive been having such a hard time dealing with the fact that I cant go to yoga...the feeling of being broken as well as left behind...self pity is a poisonous thing that sneaks up on me sometimes. Anyway, went out in the woods for a bit and that made me feel better :) Made healthy dinner for the ladies. And Chris. Sunday we watched Chris' brother in law bike race. Henry didn't scream at me...well...maybe just once. hahA! Ended up downtown after that. Went to Everyday Music and looked at records then went to Kris and Reids for dinner. Lots to do tonight to get ready for Martine to well as get stuff together to stay at Chris' for the next few days. And! I dont know where my ballot is!!! Jeez Louiz.

Well, on that note, here are a couple of pics of Murderface playing in the sheets while I was trying to make the bed. She LOVES being on the bed when Im changing the bedding. She was pretty good this time, so I didnt need to put her in a drawer :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waking up early

Due to the current reinjuring...I havent been to yoda in like 6 weeks. Im starting to feel gross about myself because Ive been so inactive. Plus, eating more than Im used to and drinking alot more beer than Im used to has caused me to gain a bit of weight. Making me feel even WORSE about myself. The weather combined with my work schedule makes doing anything active outside during the week nearly impossible. I started contemplating a gym membership. UGH. I HATE the gym. Ive had so many memberships and have let all of them lapse. I just really haven't liked any of them. While considering the different options available, I remembered that Bellingham Athletic Club has an indoor pool! Swimming would be perfect for someone with my type of injury. So on Monday, I scheduled a tour and went to have a look. The place is really great. Tons of nice equipment, Giant locker room and there was NO one in the pool. The only people I saw throughout the entire facility were 'older'...and when I say older, I mean they could be my grandparents. This morning I got my stuff together and made it to the gym by 8. Swam for about 15 minutes...quickly realized that swimming actual laps is quite different from just messing around in the pool. My arms started to jellitize. Okay, so maybe it really IS a real workout. I slithered out and hit the hot tub for a few. I like waking up this way. I think the trial ends on Monday, and then I have an appointment to see the surgeon at Swedish on Tuesday but at some point next week, Ill sign up for a membership. Its expensive!!! But I think it will be worth it. I ordered a swim cap and ear plugs. Im excited :)

ALSOOOOO!!!! I just got billed for my new iPhone!!!!! GAH! I am soooooo excited!!! Its supposed to ship tomorrow...I feel like Ive been waiting forever for it! Yay Yay Yayayayaya!!

Just some randoms that have been cluttering up my dropbox....

Mustache Mirror

Grilled Cheese and a shellfish knife!

More reorganizing..and Murder in a basket. Is that like pigs in a blanket?


Breakfast: gluten free biscuits, over easy eggs, salsa verde and sriracha.

Up close kitten

Proof of snuggles :)
Last night we ate pizza and watched Young Frankenstein. Quite hilarious. The only thing missing was Halloween candy. I suppose Ill let that slide.