Monday, April 29, 2013

Life lately

Havent been bloggin been too busy livin.

And it seems that is the way its going to be for awhile. This morning, we realized that the next 3 weekends are already planned out. But with fun stuff!!! This weekend is the peninsula, next weekend is Winnies bday, then the next weekend is MARTINES WEDDING! Im pretty excited for that. And that very same day, we go to Vanc. BC to see Fleetwood Mac. Dream come true!

For crying out loud, I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for this camping trip. I wish it were Thursday instead of Monday...

Saturday, we went to April Brews Day, and in traditional fashion, it rained. And I was freezing. So proceeded to pound mini glasses of beer to try and ward off the cold. By the time it stopped raining and the sun came out, I was pretty lit. Excellent. Overall, it was a good time. I made an ahole of myself, but was able to work it out in the end. Lesson learned. My mom and dad picked us up and drove us home. Having a car that seats 7 is pretty amazing. BUT! I ended up sitting in the backseat! With Dan!!! Its like we were kids again. And the backseat of my own car!

Well, here are some recent pics...

Triple salad at the co-op. Sesame noodles...mmm.
Lilacs in a Tupac shot glass. CLASS!

At the park.
The beginnings of bfast burritos that turned out horrible!!!

One of the countless glasses of beer at April Brews Day.

My lover wearing my glasses.

Hahaa! This one is so great!

The drive home got weird.

Real weird. HAHAA!
Good times.

Monday, April 22, 2013


As I write this, Im suffering from an over abundance of salami. For some reason, I had it in my head that I HAD to have a salami sandwich. Bad choice. Bad. Bad. Bad. Not sure what came over me, but it sounded good at the time. I didnt even eat all of it. That is something that NEVER happens :-\

Anyway. Lots has been going on, but Ive been too busy at work to take the time to write a post. I cant believe how crazy work has been!

Okay, here I go.

 Lilacs!!! Its lilac season. And a computer that I helped Chris assemble.

Stella in bed with a towel blanket. She ran away, ate a ton of trash, threw up about 9 times and I ended up taking her to the vet on Friday. It was quite an eventful day. She had to have a fluid IV to help with rehydration. Look at her little bandaged arm! Poor girl :( She back to normal now.

Drunk dude. Like I said-Im really glad he went away because that made me really respect him.
A lovely Chandelier made of glass bottles
Pages of different whiskey available.
Out our hotel
Please notice the ibuprofen and tums and water next to my side of the bed :-\
Bfast. Fried rice with a hamburger patty and a fried egg. Covered in brown gravy. AMAZING.
On the way home. Those yahoos were waiting to take the exit. The tulips are not THAT cool.
Seattle was a good time. Was glad to get home though. I even took a nap! Gasp! I really needed it. Now back to Monday. So sad :(

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pre weekend!

I started this post last week, and never got a chance to finish..

Oh man. So much to report.
Work this week has been crazy busy, which isnt always a bad thing.
My new gym shoes are amazing!

And that was as far as I got. I cant remember what else I was going to mention. Bummer dude.
I suppose I will just pick up where I left off...with a bunch of photos....

Hell yes!

Double Hell YES!

Vintage Frye...and a big mess in front of the mirror...
Im pretty flushed. I mustve been drinking.
Somebody hates tummy time.
 I take pictures on our drive home. Me likey!
We tried to shave Murderface. We failed. She now just looks like an idiot. Sorry MF :(

On my way to meet Gma Delight for a charity luncheon, I encountered
Cleared up by Saturday eve...and outside was all yellow-y. Weird. But really pretty!
AND! A Rainbow Brite!!!!

Sunday was very productive. We installed some shelves in my closet! Getting organized!!! Also, Chris is wearing just looks like he isnt...but he is! I promise!
I made some pork tenderloin. Chris made mashed potatoes. I want to have an affair with those potatoes....

And now here we are. Another weekend gone and an entire week of work ahead of us. Something exciting though, we are talking about getting prequalified for a home loan...just for fun...not seriously looking. But stillllllllll.....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Our weekend

Ill just start off by saying, I did NOT sleep in at all this weekend. I guess I dont really ever sleep in anymore. Getting up at 5:20 during the workweek has sort of come between me and sleep on the weekends. Sad, I know. But thats okay!!! Because that means I usually am pretty productive in that morning time when Im waiting patiently for Chris to come alive. Anyway, Friday was weird. I had to work the late shift (which SUCKS) but, since I was up at 5:20 anyway, I drug myself to the gym. I was pretty proud of the fact that I managed to gym 4 times last week! Also proud of the fact that I nearly killed myself while I was there. I had an almost 300 calorie workout in 30 mins. Not bad! Im really starting to feel my endurance building, which is exciting! I want to get my cardiovascular system in shape right quick so that Im prepared for hiking!! Speaking of hiking, we went to REI on Saturday (never again) and got some stuff for our peninsula vacation. Meaning we got a tent. We finally decided that we are going to go camping AND bring the Stellz! YAY! So, heres the tent we picked up.


The trail shoes I wanted werent available at the store, but I was able to use my %20 off when I ordered them online. YES! More shoes coming in the mail!!! I love that. I ordered these ones!

One of the things that I really want/need is a waistpack. The ones we looked at were maybe a little too big for me. And I looked at the reviews for the North Face one and they were pretty mixed. Im leaning toward a hydration pack instead. That seems to make more sense, since Im mostly concerned about having enough water, rather than carrying survival items. Im going to die in the woods, I know. Anywaaaaaay, while looking at those things, we also started looking at packs for dogs. Ive had my eye on these for awhile, but they are on the spendy side, so havent actually seriously looked. Well, we got one!!!

Daddy helping
We took her to the park and had her run with it on. Shes pretty used to running around with her little doggy jacket on, so this wasnt much different for her. Now she can carry her own water, food, treats, poo bags, etc. STOKED!

What else did we get...OH! I got new gym shoes! I hate to say that the ones Ive been using came from Costco 2 years ago. Not the best for treadmill action. I was able to find some on sale while we were at REI and I am in LOVE! They were still ridiculously expensive, but a good value on sale.

Chris cutting off the tag with a machete. haha!

What was raining both Saturday afternoon and Sunday (big surprise) so we hung out at home for the most part.
Hung new Ikea curtains ($5 a pair!)
Had a dance sesh with Murderface
Changed the bedding
Made smoothies
Found these old-ass tickets from Bumbershoot. Tickets were only $9 way back in 1997. CRAZY!!!

 Thats about it. We watched a couple of episodes of 'Its Always Sunny' 7th season is gettin weird! In a good way. Watched 'Resident Evil number...16?' and we were able to watch last nights episode of Game of Thrones!!! Excellent!

Well, here we are, back at Monday. At least Im back to my normal shift today. And after work I get to have a pedicure, shop for some new gym clothes and then meet up for dinner with Gma and Gpa. PIZZZZAAAAA!!!! Busy! And that is all. Hurry up Friday!!! Hurry. Up.