Friday, January 27, 2012

Worth blogging about

Last night I watched 'The Darjeeling Limited' and fell in love. Ive seen other Wes Anderson films but, for me, they didn't have the Shizam! that this one did. I wonder if its because I saw this one while I was sober...must go back and re-watch others...going on Netflix right now....

Also, purchasing soundtrack on iTunes. Thanks for the gift card Aaron, Ive been saving it for something special :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deception Pass

Awhile ago, we took a mini road trip down to Deception Pass and took the doggin along. One of these days, Ill get around to downloading pics of the actual park from the camera...instead of just taking/sending from my old iPhone...

These were taken on the way down.

Whos the cutest dog in the world? Whooo isss!!! Awww Stella issssss!!!

Shorter bangs

So...the weekend before Christmas, I went in to get haircut/color and got my bangs cut quite short! I really like it though :) I should practice taking photos of myself with a real I dont always look like a weirdo. Maybe the photos just tell the truth and I always look weird.

Also!!!! Just ordered some new boots!!! Very excited! I really needed (like a hole in the head) a pair of black boots with heels. I love that the heels on these are the same color as the rest of them. I hope they fit okay. Yipee!!!