Friday, June 29, 2012

Pho Yeah its Friday!

Well here we are. Its finally Friday, although not Payday Friday, which is always disappointing...but Ill take what I can get. At least it's Pho Day across the street! Mmmm...delicious pho...

What! This isn't pho! No! Its my breakfast!
Simply Smoothie. And a big one at that!
Sleepy puppy
Gray Beard

I think my pet photo quota has been met for the week. I love my animals! You have been warned :)

And the best part of the day so far....
 Under six bucks! Cant beat that!

Tonight, going to Poppe's (gummi bear martinis, yay!) then picking up essentials at the co-op, then home to bake monster cookies for Brother. Tomorrow Im up early for yoga, then hair appointment (thank God) and then maybe Sumas Fireworks tomorrow night :) Happy weekend! Should be a great one ;-)