Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gender Reveal

Finding out the sex of Dan and Meredith's baby was pretty exciting. I really love that they found out at the exact same time as everyone else. It was so funny watching their faces when they saw what color the inside of the cake was.

Cutest photo ever :)

Weirdest photo ever

They decided on the name Madison Renee. She will be so loved :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


MF learning to turn on/off the lights

MF licking the bed rail

Its a girl!



Chopping celery for smoothies

Flowers from my Love
Somehow reinjured my back. Now lounging around on pain meds for the rest of the week. Man, I hate being stuck at home when I could be working :(

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Just researching flight/hotel for an upcoming trip. Planning on seeing the Killers in December! So. Excited. Going with Natalie and Chris. Seems that we have to stay for a minimum of two nights. Just had a great idea presented...what about just not getting a hotel...and coming home the next morning. BRILLIANT!!!! Ive never been to Vegas and don't really care if I spend any time there or not. I'm just so unbelievably stoked to see my favorite band there because it's their hometown. LOVE IT!

New album came out on Tuesday.


I cant wait! OhMyGod they are so good! So good. Cant get over it. Id better get my tattoo before then.

In other news, Dan and Meredith have selected a name for the baby girl...Madison Renee. Niecy :)

Im off to compile a list of my future childrens names...thats not weird right? I have baby fever!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peninsula 2012 Part 2

Aaaaaaaand!!! More photos!!!

 Im not sure where this was...oh! Its on Lake Crescent! Thats right.

Forget me nots :)

Stella is so into rocks...wont fetch sticks, only rocks.

Action shot haha!

These are from Sol Duc Falls

Its hard to tell, but that is a huge drop

After we hiked up to Sol Duc, we went back to Lake Crescent to a trail called...crap, what was it called...Spruce Railroad Trail! I really loved the hike..not as rainforesty feeling as Sol Duc. Rainforesty? What?

Devils Punch Bowl

And theeeeennnnn...back to the campsite to frolic on the beach with Stellz. It was so cold, but I really wanted to play in the water with her, so changed back into shorts. Eek! Left out the shots of us running up and down the beach. Looked very much like a weirdo. Well, even more than normal.

Somebody could use a shower

Aaaand! More sunset (duh)

And then the next morning, we had coffee, walked on the beach, let Stella run free, got in trouble for letting Stella run free, packed up and came home. Stella is totally pro at camping now. Im so proud of her! I cannot wait to go back to the peninsula. My heart definitely feels called to that place.