Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I hate/Things I love

This morning I was thinking about things that I really do not like. After thinking about that for awhile, I turned my attention to things that I really LIKE. This blog post was born. Pure and simple.


Sharks. Although we dont exactly have an issue with this horrifying creature in our part of the world...their existence will forever come between me and my red hot desire for learning to surf.

Thunder/Lightening. Scary. I dont like at all! I figure I should take my cue from nature on this one. You dont see dogs or horses hanging out, enjoying a good electrical storm...thats because you can get KILLED! Jeeze louise! So when you hear that first roll of thunder, make like a tree, and get the Hell inside!!!

Lions. I have had a reoccurring dream about the giant cat since I was a tiny. Not good dreams either. Being chased by a group of them. Hate them. Will never go to Africa. Ever. Wellllll...maybe South Africa...that part looks pretty least from what Ive seen on 'House Hunters' and what is with their accent in S.A...its like a mix between Australian and English...can hardly understand it.

Bees. I mean, who isnt afraid of bees? I think this post is turning into a 'things Im afraid of' post. But seriously, remember in the movie 'my girl' no one wants to be murdered by bees. Whenever one flies at me, it makes me gag. gross.

Van Halen. Cannot stand listening to Van Halen. Makes my ears bleed. And not in a good way.

Scary movies. I guess we're back to the fear thing again. I have such an imagination. I will get creeped out after watching anything even SLIGHTLY scary. Anything. And then I wake all sweaty from having a horrible nightmare...ugh and to be sooo tense throughout the whole movie. Ill take 'must love dogs' any day of the week!


Spring Flowers. Something bright to signify that winter is on its way out and the promise that warmer weather is around the corner.

Sun. Oh glorious hottness! You fry my skin and give me wrinkles that I wont see until Im in my late 40's...sigh...I wish you presented yourself more than 25 days out of the year.

Music. Well, all music other than Van Halen (see above). I appreciate and listen to almost every type/genre/style of music. Different moods call for different sounds, am I right? I like listening to it on the radio, on my ipod, on my record player, on cd...I just wish I could find an affordable gramophone. I REALLY love how music sounds when played on those things...

My Pets. Clarice, Murderface and Stella. I love you all and your weirdness too <3

Cadbury Cream Eggs. Im trying to wait til right before Easter when they sell for cheap (hahaha! that made me think of cheep cheep like a little bird laying a CCE just for me!) and then totally stock up and put them in the freezer so that I can enjoy them for a few months post-season. Ive fallen hard for the caramel ones too...oh! And the Cadbury mini eggs...and the chocolate cream eggs...and the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs....

Giving Thanks. I like thinking about all of the things that Im really blessed with. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade? Make the best of a bad situation? Dont let it get you down? Anyway, Ive been trying to really make an effort to see the silver lining in things and my spirits seem to be lifting! Ill be turning 30 in less than 2 months and Im quite thankful for it. People have asked me how I feel about it and I tell them, 'I feel great! Im extremely thankful to be done with my 20's' Yeah, my 20's...what a train-wreak...