Thursday, April 5, 2012


Recently, I opened mail from REI and saw that I had some member dividends that needed spending. There are many things that I want from that store, but not many things I can buy with only $ today, I went online to see what could be found in my (low) price range. As I was scrolling through the zillions of items, I remembered that after our hike to the oyster dome on Saturday, I was talking to Martine about wanting some gaiters...I didnt know they were called gaiters and kept calling them 'spats' til Martine finally figured out what I was talking about and politely corrected me. Hey! Im no professional hiker! For crying out loud! I hardly even venture outside unless the temp is above 70 or I HAVE to for work or food purposes. Anyway, I got to looking around the gaiter section on REI and found the perfect pair!!!! 20% member discount, minus 15.80 in dividends, plus FREE SHIPPING equaled 19 bucks! Stoked! Ive been delighted to find a sport(?) that I enjoy. Hmmm..what other hiking related items do I need...

Im so excited to get them in the mail!!! They were available in store, but its so much more fun to get stuff delivered <3