Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Not very deep ones though...mostly things like:

When will I get over this cold? Im tired of having coughing fits at work that make my eyes water and make me sound like Im dying. Im tired of coughing up stuff and spitting it into a tissue. I cant just swallow it. I have to do SOMETHING with it. Ick. I want to not keep Chris up all night because Im coughing so hard, it might cause me to throw up. People tell me, 'Ive had that cold, you feel better, then it comes back. Youll be sick for a month!' Why do they say these awful things???? Please go away cold. I dont want you anymore.

A daily where Chris head looks tiny

The professional version of my valentine to Chris. It committed suicide, so he rebuilt it and now its perfect.

My new addiction. Thank you Mother in law :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our weekender

I had big plans for the weekend. Was supposed to go to Healthy Dinner Club at Ambers and then for drinks after. That was before the plague hit me. Seriously though, I havnt been sick in SO long. I feel like such a baby because I feel so miserable and just want attention and cuddles from my husband. Gah! Friday night, we pretty much just laid in bed. I honestly dont remember what we did. But I did remember to take our daily!!

I think this pretty much portrays how we were feeling.
I also took some shots of crazy Murderface rolling around on Stellas bed.

Saturday, Stella had a vet appointment for her 6 month exam, so I was up early and dropped her off at 8:45. She ended up being there til 3!!! Crazy! Went home, got Chris, we went back to bham and checked out the house I was so in love with. Just so happens the realtor was having an open house! While the neighborhood is a dream, the house needed tons of work and there were about a thousand other people there checking it out. After that, we went to the DMV so that I could get my drivers license with my new last name! Exciting! Went to Costco (nightmare) and then home...we had to go back a third time to pick up Stellz! Her appointment was supposed to take between 2-4 hours but they had a couple of emergencies, so her appointment kept getting pushed back :( We got her home and went to the park for a quick game of ball.

What a good fast girl!

Of course I had to wear snow boots.
Clarice in her little cocoon.

She is so spoiled :)
 Sunday we were able to sleep in a bit. Well, I never sleep in. Which means sleeping pictures of Chris and the cats!!!

Denise and Dan and Delight came over for lunch and to see the baby, then we headed to mother in laws house to (finally) keg the beer we made a month ago. Glad thats out of the way.

Then we all went to dinner at the North Fork. Kellee got us a gift certificate and we couldnt wait to use it!
There was quite a bit of snow on hills. Very pretty. 

My absolute FAVORITE. Wow. I didnt realize that was true til I just said it. Yep, Ill admit, the Nothfork Brewerys Hefeweizen is my favorite beer. Let me be clear though, only THIS particular hefe. No others!!! Mmm...we ordered a house meat and a house veggie. Yum yum! I ate mine before I even thought to take a pic :( We got a couple of growlers to go and headed home. 

IPA and Hefe

Adorable quilt that my mother in law made for Madison. It has jeeps on it. So cute!
Pretty much just took NyQuil and passed out at like 8. Still feeling like crap today, but back at work :(

The arsenal. 

Im keeping my fingers crossed that today goes fast. I have a massage therapy appointment tonight after work that Im pretty excited about!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Todays date has got me really thinking. About how much I want some 222's. And by that, I mean the good stuff from Canada. I have no idea WHY they are called 222's. On the bottle, they are ACC (Acetaminophen, Caffeine, Codeine) aka the most brilliant painkiller ever. Since I am now in the terrible grips of some virus, I could really use something to make me feel better! I suppose that the best thing for me is probably rest and drinking lots of theeeeese:

A green drink!! Its about the last thing I want to try and swallow right now, but I know my bod will be appreciative of the good stuff in there. 

Last night, Chris made the best soup. I took pictures because I was really impressed.

I ate all of it. It took me twice as long as Chris, but I did it! And then I immediately went to bed. We were both feeling pretty crappy so we went to bed early and watched:

learn more here!
CAPTAIN RON!!!!! Say what?!?! I completely forgot it had been added to the Netflix queue! Was a great surprise! I had NyQuil caps at the ready and we settled in to watch. CLEARLY, I thought it was hilarious. Not so hilarious to my husband. Maybe my horrible snorting laughter was just so loud that it drowned him out and thats why I couldnt hear his mirth? Doubtful.

Anyway. About halfway through the movie, I caught Clarice trying to eat the gel caps off my nightstand and I had to strike her down!!! Well, I grabbed her by her back fat and drug her over to me so I could pluck the pill from her jaws.  I was so scared that she had eaten it!!!! But alas! She was just licking it. Phew. Close call.  I picked up the sticky little thing and put it away somewhere safe. She was pretty mad at me. Im sure she felt I was overreacting. We made up and I learned my lesson about leaving my meds laying about.  

One last thing:

My husband is so hot :) Imma lucky, lucky girl!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Summer lovin

Okay, Im not really sure WHY that song is stuck in my head...I suppose it could be worse.

I am going crazy over wanting to buy a house in Bellingham. Close to work and downtown. I want to be able to go home during the day to play with Stella and see the kitties. I want to be able to ride my bike to work. I want to be able to get a cab home after a night out. I want to be close to parks. I want a neighborhood where I can take my kids trick or treating. I want, I want, I want!!! Jeez, that makes me feel so selfish! Well, maybe I am! But just a little. I try to keep myself motivated to save money for a down payment by looking at the current house listings. Today, I came across a house that is in THE PERFECT neighborhood and is the perfect style. Its a short sale (which makes me sad for the owners) so its an incredibly awesome deal. I feel like crying because we cant have it :( I realize that there will (hopefully) be others when we are ready to buy, so Im not going to dwell on this too much.
Here she is!!!! La maison de Spinks! That probably doesnt make any sense. Im cool with that.

Aw! My sweet little dream housey!!! I love you! I wuvvy wuuuv you!!!
Seriously though, I almost passed out when I saw that tile in the bathroom. Totally lush. Mmmm...

Moving on. We made it to and through Breaking Dawn part 2 last night. I had requested dinner at Thai House before the movie because I was having mad cravings for Pad Se Iw. Clearly I have no clue how to spell that. But its not really about the spelling. Its about those pan fried wide rice noodles. I destroyed it!!! Well, actually, I couldnt finish it. But I did eat almost all of it. On to the movie. I have a maja crush on the fact that the mall plays movies that are out of the other theaters and for a fraction of the price. The cush new theater is so expensive! However, as soon as I sat down last night, I was like 'God! These seats are terrible!' Anyway. There were only a few others in the theater...a pair of girls wearing sweats and uggs, a solo gal, an overweight creeper guy, and then there was some dude who would best be described as 'stoner type'. He was sitting a few rows in front of us and was getting IN TO IT. Like, I feel that Im pretty riveted watching those movies, but this guy was clapping and shouting. He wouldve fit in PERFECTLY at the midnight release. Apart from the fact that he wasnt a teenage girl or a mid 30's mom who stole the books from her daughter and is now obsessed. I actually had the urge to corner this guy after the movie and have a chat with him about it. But that wouldve been weird. Even weirder than him being in there by himself at 6:15 on a Wednesday. I just wonder if hes seen all of the other ones...

Ugh. So Chris is definitely sick and I feel like Im heading down that same path. Im going out on my lunch today to get us some cold care tea. We are skipping the gym tonight, which Im okay with. I fore see lots of hot broth in our immediate future.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up to

Recently I:

Made a giant batch of green smoothies, portioned out into ziplocs and threw them in the freezer. Was not nearly enough chlorophyll entering this body.

Been hanging out on the treadmill at the gym. Watching HGTV. Got ambitious and tried the stair climber. BAD IDEA.  Only made it 3 minutes! Thought I was gonna have a heart attack, so I scurried back to the trusty treadmill and set it at a very slow pace.

Got a lot of movie watching done lately. So far this week its been:

We are so boring. Work, gym, home, park w/Stellz, dinner, movie, sleep. Every. Single. Day.

That being said. Today, we've decided to shake things up a bit. Work, dinner, Twilight movie (yessss!!!) home, bed. Well, that was the plan as of last night. Chris might be coming down with something, so Twilight might have to wait for another day. Im okay with that. Ive already seen it twice. Plus I hate looking like a pathetic baby, crying in front of my husband over a movie. HA!

Took a bunch of pics of the animals and my husband. Pretty much goes without saying, thats all I take pictures of these days.
This is a pretty typical sleeping arrangement.
Little Peanut loves her daddy!
Um...not much to say about this one. I took mine off.
My name is Murderface. I love wearing bandanas as scarves, eating popcorn and antiquing.
Hahaa! She was so annoyed!
All tucked in for the day while Mom and Dad go to work.
Squatchie, Chris, Madison, Me.
Chris, my double chin, Madison
She is so pretty :) Oddly enough, I haven't seen her in two days! She lives with me. Shes been hiding out with her mommy.
I may or may not have pink eye. Im seriously hoping my eye is just irritated from allergies and from getting my eyelashes tinted on Saturday. Wishful thinking? Maybe. I will say this, 'you all better not rub your eye on my keyboard'

Friday, February 15, 2013


Lets see...whats been going on...
I met with my attorney yesterday to finalize some stuff, so thats really good. This insurance claim is (hopefully) coming to a close.
Chris got me this AWESOME bag and matching wallet. Im totally in love with them.

Local company, Alchemy Goods, makes bags/wallets out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes. Badass.

I made this lovely Lego heart valentine for my Beloved. I got the parts from my mother in law. In true Mel fashion, I waited til yesterday morning to start in on it and realized I didnt have enough. It ended up looking pretty jacked up, but he seemed to appreciate the gesture.

In my defense, I was able to pretty this up a little bit. And by that I mean it slightly resembled a heart when I was done with it.
So to celebrate Vday, we went and saw Die Hard. At 5:20. We shared a giant bucket of popcorn. And a couple of beers. I couldnt get my ring off my finger this morning. Hello sodium! I do have to say that I feel like we're pushing our luck, sneaking alcohol into the theater. I have no balls, apparently.

Oh Bruce.
Im totally stoked on the movie tickets that Kellee gave us. It seems like weve been going to see movies a LOT lately. Its expensive! For crying out loud. I guess we save some cash by loading up my handbag with crap from Walgreens so we dont have to buy it at the theater. Cultural enrichment, makes it money well spent, I suppose. Ive been seriously craving some museum time though. What I really want to do is go to the Burke Museum. I wish we had a crazy awesome natural history museum close by. Oooh! What about the Science Center? I want to go there too! I suppose that if its something a 9 year old boy would like, its a pretty safe bet that it will be right up my alley. I feel like some planning needs to happen right quick. I need to get my museum on.

Madison: 1 week old. Murderface; 2 yrs? 3 yrs?
Oh yes. And here is an adorable picture of Madison and Murderface. Its my favorite :)

And some daily's.

Let it be known, we were wearing clothes! Well, I was wearing a tank top. Cant speak for the Mr though.

I like how this looks like a one of those photo booth strip things.
The Daily is super funny to me...when the reminder goes off at 8 every night, we just grab my phone and snap some pics. Its interesting to see what we are up to at the same time every night. Usually, we are in bed. Interesting/Sad...whatever...ahaha!