Thursday, June 14, 2012


I picked up my second installment of locally grown produce yesterday afternoon and as I was unpacking the box and putting things away, I came across this:

Which immediately reminded me of this:

Look at that one in the middle! Its a dead ringer for that thing on my counter! I was going to wear it as a bracelet or something....I started chopping some up, thinking it was a strange type of green onion...then Meredith tried a bite and said it tasted exactly like she just ate a clove of garlic. What the what?!?!?! I got onto the Cedarville Farm website and found out they are called 'garlic scapes' which is the green part of the garlic plant that grows above ground. Wheres the rest of the plant??  I kind of feel like I got ripped off! haha!

Also, I realized my peonies were in full bloom outside and tried to cut as many as possible to put in vases before the rain/Dan/lawnmower ruined them. They are so heavy, alot of them actually end up laying on the grass. Dan doesn't seem to mind mowing over them when he cuts the grass...So now I have tons of fresh flowers in the house. ALSO!!! Last week when I was at the co-op, they were selling 5 stem bunches of peonies for $10.98!!!! Unbelievable!!! And mine are just laying all over the ground getting munched up by the lawnmower!!!! Bah! I should build a flower stand or something! Sell some of those things, make them work for a living!

Some that I put in my bedroom (excuse the cord behind them)
A lovely closeup with horrible resolution

I brought these ones for Kris. The light pink are my favorite, but I also have several of the dark pinkish purple plants...peonies for DAYS!!!!

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