Monday, September 30, 2013

Visitors and a day trip to Portland

The girls came down for a weekend visit. It was a little bit crazy getting ready for overnighters. I was expecting them early Friday afternoon and I had to get the house cleaned, get stuff ready for dinner and then pick up Chris and drive out to Washougal to meet our realtor to look at a house. While I was vacuuming, the vacuum quit working. Grrr. Also, the house that we looked at was a bust. House hunting is hard work and can be really disappointing. The right one will come along. I know it will!

It was raining and windy, but we still managed to have a good time in Portland. I really need to make a point of getting down there more often.


Always a lineup. I will never taste a Voodoo Doughnut!!!

Scotch Eggs. As in Eggs wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried.  Who would've thought....

PORTLANDIA!!!! Hahaha!


So. Huge. 

And The End.

Monday, September 23, 2013


We have been looking at houses. We really are fed up with the life of renters. We have only been living in this apartment for just over a month and HATE IT. Seriously, we've had such a bad experience.

On a happier note, my parents and Mother in law were able to get down here this weekend to take a look at some different houses with us. We are so lucky to have such knowledgeable resources that we trust entirely. So after seeing some different places, we've kind of become obsessed with one house in particular. One that needs some help. If we were able to get this place and put some money into it, it would be AWESOME. Its huge! And it has a bomb shelter in the basement. Cool, right? Or maybe slightly creepy. Anyway, my time has been spent trying to figure out how to get financing for this place so that we can make an offer. Even though Chris is approved for a loan, unfortunately, we won't be able to finance this house with a conventional loan. So now Im looking into alternative options. Good thing I don't have a job or anything taking up my time. Ha.

That being said, I did talk to a lady from the unemployment office this morning. Hopefully, they will decide in my favor and I will get some unemployment soon! I've been applying to jobs like crazy and not getting any kinds of calls back :( I also made an appointment to go and tour the college and talk to an adviser. I've got to get my schooling on!!!

In other news, Stella is back to wearing the bark collar :(
And Orange Cat went to the cat clinic and got a neuter job. Next up is getting him his very own wellness plan at the vet's office, then he can start coming in the house!
Its been rainy these last few days. Looks like fall really is here. Bummer.

Well, here is life in iPhone pictures...

Super Deluxe deal on beer. Couldn't decide on just one, so walked out looking like I was having a party. 

Organized the back of the Volvo into Stella's 'area'

Making toddy

Oriental Ramen with a hard boiled egg. Think I like the scrambled version in my soup alot better.

Chicken Adobo with asparagus

Bloody Mary with a fork 'skewer' for my veggies

Crab cakes from Trader Joes. Wont be buying those again.

Dinner date at McMenamins...look who will be playing there??? Kris Orlowski!!! Hes famous now :)

Breakfast made with our leftover McMenimans happy hour food. 

Packing Stella's overnight bag. Hahaha! Its her 'bug out' bag. HAHAHA! 

Hot dog. Marry me.

Found a new home for my poster.

Oh yes!!!!

Dinner. I have been trying to get creative with leftovers. Not healthy, creative.

Our new little fella.

The first house I looked at...

The second house I looked at and fell in love with. Too bad I don't have cash to buy it at the auction :(

Meat cookies! 

Turkey and pork meatballs, with spaghetti squash. I guess this is a kind of healthy dinner.

Spaghetti squash fritters. See! Im all about the leftovers!

Pasta with little lobster things...I think they are lobster claws? Im too scared to google it. 

Oh God. Cuteness at the pet store. Goo!

Oh look at the birds! I would really love a bird. Maybe when we get a house, I can get a bird! Yeah! And a lizard! And one of those little mice! And...

I love the glass doors at Whole Foods. It makes everything look pretty.

The guest bed, all ready for my parents to come and stay.

Lap dog.

A grasshopper something or other. Yum!!!! I finished it off the next day with a glass of red wine and the Seahawks game...

Well, that about does it. Im off to cut of stuff to make beef with barley for dinner. Im sure Ill be snapping pictures of that process too!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just some other thangs

Since all I seem to do these days is clean and cook and hunt for a job, I dont really have anything interesting to report. Nonetheless, I feel its important to document even these mundane tasks. Plus, I found a photo of me with the cute little black and white cat that wound up on our front door.

Meow! I was like, 'its gotta be homeless, right? I mean, it couldve gotten this flea collar from anywhere...'

Freakishly huge yams. 

Gray and misty and cold on my walk.

Leaves blowing all over the ground.

Such a cute house!

The usual mix up of leftovers for bfast. 

Makin dinner...and having a beer! Made pasta primavera. Forgot to take a pic. Had it again for leftovers, but added some salami. Mmmm....
Tomorrow is going to be a hot one. River bound and grilling steaks for dinner. Yippeeee!!!!