Monday, June 18, 2012

Murderface Monday

William Murderface

I really love my pets, hence the name of this blog. My animals do some of the weirdest things. I feel that individually, they are unique, but the way they interact just blows my mind! I love telling stories about the strange things they do...they seem so human at times. I realized that I should be recording some of the things that my pets do that crack me up...that way, when they grow up and have kids of their own, I can share the stories of their parents with them! ha!

Um, anyway...

Murderface was brought into my life two summers ago.  She was a teeny tiny fluffball who would perch on Isaaks shoulder or be tucked away in sweatshirt hoods or front pockets. She used to go everywhere with us. Since Isaak was home alot, he was able to spend tons of time with her and to teach her and discipline her so she would grow up to be a respectable adult. She is the most well behaved cat Ive ever known. Shes also seriously smart. She amazes me on a daily basis. Recently, she has figured out that in order to open the door, we pull down on the handle. So, when I don't get up to let her out of the bedroom, she jumps for the door handle! She hasn't figured out how to do it on her own yet, but I anticipate it happening soon. So here's the latest MF story...Friday morning, I got up to let Stella out and didn't see Murderface anywhere. She usually greets me when I come out of my room and follows me around while I get my lemon water and put food in Stellas bowl..and then she snacks on the dog food while I go to let Stella back inside. I went outside to call for her and noticed long streaks of mud on the front door. It was obvious she had snuck out the front door when someone went outside the night before. The funny part was that I could see she had jumped up and tried to snag the door handle!!!  Poor baby...she wanted in so bad! And even weirder was the fact that Clarice was trying to wake me up sometime really early that morning and I couldn't figure out what her problem was. She only acts all crazy when something is the water bowl is empty...she gets this freaked out meow and gets all fired up. So I figured out thats what she was getting on about. She was trying to let me know that poor Murderface was stuck outside! Even though MF is such a jerk to her and is always hunting her and pouncing on her, Clarice was still concerned for MF's safety and comfort :) So sweet! Those two are so funny. Ive been noticing that Clarice is learning things from Murderface. She is a slow and thoughtful observer! HahahA!

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