Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer to-do's

I've come to realize that once the sun arrives around theses parts, every weekend will be busy from now til October. So...I thought Id better come up with a list of things I want to experience before the rainy season starts again. That is, assuming it ever actually stops...

  • Go to a Mariners game: I try and make this happen at least once a season. Man, I sure do love that place!
  • Camp the Peninsula: Once again, something that Ive come to love doing at least once during the summer. I already took a couple of days off in August and talked to Michelle about going over. I loved the place we camped last time. Even though I was sick, it was still a dream! 
  • Build a chicken house for the baby chickens: This is a bit more in Dan's realm, but I still want to get it finished...maybe before summer?
  • Take the dog on a picnic out at Semiahmoo: Such a pretty place and so close, yet so easily forgotten by me. Not sure why that is. Best to take advantage of the closeness.
  • Check out at least one performance during the Bellingham Festival of Music: Its been a few years since I attended and I miss going.
  • Float the Nooksack River: Did it last year sober. Was not much fun. Stella liked it though! She got to wear her new life jacket! This year will have sober driver, beer, floating cooler, normal people to accompany me. 
  • Lynden Fair: As a matter of fact, did this last year on same afternoon as sober river float. Will do on separate days this year. Was too tired from all day on river to enjoy much about the fair. Must get there early enough to A) See every single animal B) See every single crafty thing C) Eat every single thing in sight.
  • Harrison day trip. If I can't afford to stay at the resort, the least we can do is visit for the day and lounge around on the beach and hit up the hot springs. Oh! And check out that amazazing looking garden!!! 
  • Hike at least twice a month. Earlier in the year, my goal was to go on at least one hike a month. But after forking over 30 bucks for a Discover Pass, I'm upping the anty. Gonna get my money's worth outta that puppy!

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