Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grey and Gold

Its hard to miss how well the grey sky compliments the gold of the changing leaves. I wish I were able to say that I love this time of year, unfortunately, with the onset of autumn comes the rain. I do feel thankful that despite the rain we've been having, the wind hasn't made much of an appearance and the branches have managed to hang onto their leaves. Usually by the end of October, most of the leaves have made their way to the ground to be trampled into mush. Im thankful that driving to work yesterday and today, I was able to admire how brilliant the mountains look nearly covered in deciduous splendor. Jeez, this year is nearly over. I never get over how surprised I am at the start of each new season. Rain. Rain. Rain. I hope this weekend Ill have the opportunity to take a few photos of foliage before its all gone. This week is going to fly, I can already tell. I need to get myself together and vote. I need to dig into the A+ book. I need to continue clearing out clutter in an effort to make room for Beloved. I need to clean house before having 'healthy dinner club' on Saturday. I need get my room in order for Martine and Carsten to stay next week. Cruising right along....

Also, we set a date. January 1st. Its perfect :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Leather fring-y overload

Im having a seizure right now over these:

I just cant even stand it!!! I want to only wear shoes from Minnetonka. Im absolutely losing it right now!

Okay, Jeeze. Now where was I? Oh right. Scouring the Google for a poncho sweater type thing...where would I find something like that? Some trendy bohemian sweater that is totally overpriced? Free People of course! Aw! And it even has a hood. I decided I should probably look at UO as well...just for comparison. Jesus! I almost threw up! So many horribly ugly 80's style sweaters!!! What is the deal? Lucky for me, I have my parents basement...muwahaha! To be fair, there was a 'Navaho' print cardigan thing that I really loved. I could wear it with my Minnetonkas. Native Pride overkill. Was that politically incorrect of me? Oh well. 
I should probably just cut some holes in a blanket and call it good. Would be saving myself a ton of money and, really, thats pretty much all this is.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter is coming

Seriously though, the temperature is nearly freezing. Tomorrow I have to call to get propane delivered. EXPENSIVE. Not looking forward to that.
But I am looking forward to this:
10.2 % I will be having ONE. I remember the last beer that came in a 4 pack...
Really messed me up man.

Anyway...ugh...Im bored and tired...and medicated.
Called and got my lens prescription faxed to me so I can order some free glasses!!! YAY!
I cant decide between these ones
And these
I really want the pink ones. They. Are. Huge.
But, neither are eligible for the free deal. They are super cheap though...and I have a coupon for 50% off!!!! I love the pink ones <3 I need to get the opinion of another before I buy.

I am so excited to have ordered the wedding band for Chris. Gah! I cannot wait for it to come :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Looking at wedding sites/blogs/etc has really helped me discover things that I will NOT be doing at my own wedding reception.

Some trends are just so weird...

I cannot wait to order Chris' wedding band. Its so badass.

Good Lord! This Percocet makes me itchy!

Final episode of Game of Thrones tonight. Maybe now I can have a life again. Oh wait! I never HAD a life. Hmmm...

Crap. I need to see if Rae can still get us a deal on the hotel in Ballard.

What am I going to do with that crab I took out of the freezer?

Almost time to go home! YA!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Dan has been QUITE busy chopping apart that tree! The entire front yard is covered in branches. Covered. As well as the parking area by the street. Thankful!!!! Im just thankful hes taking care of it and that I dont have to.

Um...reorganizing...MF likes to be involved. Well, she pretty much likes to be involved in everything.
GOD! She is SOOOO weird! It just had to be said. I know I say it all the time, but I really don't think I can say it enough.

I know, right!

 Day is almost done ha-HA! Well, work day, that is.

Loving Miike Snow. Have had this album on my iTunes for...hmmm...a really long time, but never listened. Its pretty damn good.

Waiting for Chris to come home!!!! Waiting and waiting and waiting and....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This morning...

Sun was shining
Sunroof was open
Heater was blasting
Coffee was caffeinating
Battle Born was blaring
Ring was sparkling

It only took 3 days of bad weather to make me appreciate the non rain sunny morning and even though my first cup of coffee was wasted on the counter and floor, Im so very thankful for this day :)

Morning sun on the trees

The pile of branches is way bigger than it looks. I suppose Im just really thankful that Dan is able to take care of this and that I dont have to hire someone to cut down the tree!!

Its my dads birthday today! 63!!! Wow! I love you, dad :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Bits

Well, was kind of sick this weekend. Had been dealing with a weird stuffy/runny/sinusy thing in the later part of last week and it seems to have peaked Saturday. Skipped yoga. Still having back problems...and we slept in late. Then ran some errands, met up with Chris' mom for lunch. I did not eat...not feeling up to it. Went home and started watching Game of Thrones. I LOVE it. As with pretty much any HBO series, I feel like there really is alot of T&A...which seems like HBO saying 'we show this because WE CAN' ahahahaa! I dont mind, but its not something Id watch with my mom. Or even recommend to her, now that I think about it. We finished the first season in a day and a half. Im saving the second season to watch with Chris...hes seen it before, so he can help fill in any gaps for me.  Oh! And Chris put up the glow in the dark stars that we got in Friday Harbor.

So. Cool.

Aw! And my BF seems to never be wearing a shirt...probably because hes so hot.

And a little banner I hung up to welcome him home...because sometimes an extra adjective is totally necessary.  Took me hours to make this thing. Apparently Im not very handy with a pair of scissors. Who wouldve known.

The damn oak tree in my front yard got a huge split down the middle, so now needs to be cut down. This really really really makes me sad. I guess the wind and rain was just too much for it after 80 straight days of sun. Dan said hes been busy slowly cutting it down...at least we'll be able to use the wood in the wood stove. If it EVER gets installed.

Got Twilight tickets this morning. Lili asked if I already got my ticket. I had not. We decided we should most definitely go together. And the best part? Well, other than seeing the show, is that its showing at 10:00 on Nov 15!!! We dont even have to wait til midnight! Which rocks because we are both 30 now, and being that old, dont really want to stay up THAT late :)

Im praying that this week goes fast. Friday is Michelles birthday, with a party at my house and of course thats when my Beloved comes home!!! One more week...I can do this....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tomorrow-Hurry up and get here!!!

My Betrothed comes home tomorrow. I really cannot bring myself to say the word 'fiance' so what should I refer to him as? He's more than my boyfriend, but not yet husband. Ooooh!!! That just gave me shivers. Husband. That's powerful. People have been telling me that 'things will change' once we are married. I can only expect 'things' to be even more fantastic! I. cant. WAIT!

Okay, so I bought tickets to see the Killers. Presale began at 10:00.  I was reading the email purchase confirmation by 10:03. I am not messing around.

Im having one of those days where I just cannot seem to be productive. Ive been texting and emailing and looking at photos on Dropbox...distraction is everywhere. I was just thinking to myself 'I MUST get something done!!' then the next thought was 'my back is really hurting, oh! thats because its been 4 hours since I had a pain pill!' Okay, so I have a 30-40 minute window before the Percocet takes over and my brain becomes floaty, so what do I do in that time? Write a blog post. Duh.

Anyway, things have been pretty blah lately...so here are some cat pictures. YAY!


Clarice was licking my nose

Taking pictures of myself in bed with the cats because, honestly, this is what Ive been doing every night since Chris has been gone. 

And aren't those ones of Murderface creepy!?!?!? I always think that if she were a 'big' cat, she would kill me and eat me in a heartbeat. Bah!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Im still having alot of issues with my back...taking pain meds, which are making my stomach really upset :( Buuuuut!!! Chris surprised me by coming home for the night! Best thing ever <3

Excited for Martine to be back in the area on Monday. VERY excited to see Chris on Friday! Have been looking at mens wedding bands...time to get this show on the road! Speaking on shows...realized that the Killers show that Im getting tickets to is actually them headlining Deck the Hall Ball. RAD! Im so excited! Remembered to request the day off. Pat on the back :)

Gah! My eye wont stop twitching!! And I have no idea what surgeon to see for a consult!! EEk!!

Thats all Ive got for now. Oooh!!! Time to go home for the day! YES!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend-San Juan Island

Since Chris is working in Friday Harbor for the next few weeks, I went out for the weekend to see him. I had alot of fun and I cant believe how much I much I had missed him after just 5 days of being apart. Laurie's husband, Scott, flew me out there. Id never been in such a small plane before. It was so awesome!!! So awesome. The island was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. I was so sad to leave :(

Aw Stella :)
After a few drinks
The ring that Chris picked out for me and a sparkly red manicure
Mt Baker from The American Camp National Park

Aw Love!

Some place alongside the road where we stopped

Accidental photo?

Kelp Beds

Sunday morning, waiting for a table so we could get breakfast

English Camp National Historic Park

GIANT maple tree



Funniest picture ever!

Bubble gum ice cream and waiting for the ferry

Goodbye :(

iPhone through the window pics from the ferry ride

Dan, Meredith and AJ picked me up from the ferry and we had dinner at the Rockfish Grill. I had a ton of pan fried oysters...yum yum yum! And got Chris a little something that I hope he likes and finds useful :) I already miss him soooooo much! Friday cannot come soon enough!