Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I bought these moccasin type slippers from Old Navy on Black Friday last year. Id barely had a chance to wear them when the stitching started to come undone. Rather than fix them immediately or take them back, I hung on to them. Not long after, I found another similar pair at Target and proceeded to wear them completely out. Id wear them outside, to the store, around the yard, etc. They started to get a bit gross. So, I decided (almost a year later) that it was time to fix the original pair. I picked up some red embroidery thread because I thought I would like the contrast with the brown. Bingo! It was perfect! But in my heart, something felt wrong. (hahaha! heart! felt! I'm so funny!) So I added the giant embellishment! I asked Isaak's opinion and knew that Id hit the nail on the head when he would only sort of mutter that it looked okay. hee hee! I hand stitched those sucker on with mustard colored embroidery thread. They are so precious :)

And here's a cute picture of Murderface lurking after the San Pelli bottle cap (which can be seen in the foreground, next to the finger).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grocery Lists

So here's something about myself that I find a bit...odd. I always have these grocery lists floating around all over the place. They reside in my purse and in my jacket pockets. I use them for bookmarks when I find them on my nightstand. Im sure Im not the only one who has these little time capsules of the menu dujour. As I age, Ive noticed that Ive adopted some strange...eccentricities. Among them is the practice of NOT disposing of my grocery lists. For some reason, I feel like my grocery list is a super personal glimpse into my soul! Heaven forbid I should drop a grocery list in the parking lot at the market. STRANGERS could see what Im making for dinner!! I hang onto them and only throw them away at my home. Its my turn this month to host the movie viewing/dinner/get together thingy, so in honor of Halloween, I chose the movie 'Twilight'. Here's my grocery list that accompanies getting ready for Twilight dinner theater. Muwahahaha!