Friday, June 8, 2012

Giving Thanks

Well, I didn't seem to have any kind of problem when I woke up this morning, but by the time I was leaving for work, my bad attitude had inflated and was getting the best of me. I mean, like, really out of in kicking my shoe out of rage so hard it shot across the room. I thrifted a really cute dress the other day and had planned on wearing it with some wedges and THE denim jacket.  That plan was shot to Hell when I realized that the rain had still not stopped. Days and days of rain! UGH! So frustrated! I went outside to start my car and let it warm up and by the time I got back inside, my legs were completely wet! I decided to throw something else on so that I wouldn't freeze all day long. And by that, I mean I literally threw clothes on my body, scarf and boots included. I rounded up my belongings, grabbed my coffee and stomped out to the car, called my mom and started the conversation with, 'You know, its REALLY hard to stay positive when its been raining every single day for what seems like eternity' she agreed. Then I conveyed my feelings of stress over an upcoming dinner that I will be hosting this Sunday. She said she will help. By the time I got off the phone with her, I had definitely simmered down. Now, sitting at my desk, I was thinking about how things get blown out of proportion and seem to be so much worse than they actually are. Its just rain for crying out loud! It makes the things around here green and keeps everything alive! It also reminds me that maybe I should get serious about trying to move somewhere that isn't temperature and sun challenged. I need to remember the reason why people are coming for dinner and to not let silly things get to me. Summer will be here...soon...I think and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are doughnuts on the table in the lunchroom and I'm meeting great friends for dinner tonight. My brother is doing his completion speech at BTC next week, Isaak is taking care of business, Danzelle's bridal shower is next weekend, the animals all have their flea meds, and Quentin Tarantino has a new movie (with Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!!) coming out in December, signing up for a yoga class and buying tickets online to see Snow White and the Huntsman tomorrow with Kellee. I guess when I lay it all on the line, things are pretty darn sweet right now :)

And just because its Friday...
Such good hottness. Boy, I sure do love his sweet face! haha!

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