Friday, November 4, 2011


A few weeks ago I went in to get my hair done and ended up getting it cut too!
Since my really bad decision to box dye my hair dark a few years ago, Ive been working on growing it out again. I got a really good stylist who has helped me get back to blonde (which took quite awhile) and now Im finally getting some length going on again! Exciting! Ive actually been running my fingers through my hair 5000 times a day because its so great to finally feel long hair!!! Anyway, I had been trying to think of what kind of a look I want and was strongly leaning towards a style that included bangs. I literally went into the salon thinking that the look I wanted was based on the haircut worn by my five year old self. It turned out perfectly.

Although my face is another matter, the hair looks good! I had to get an emergency appointment to see Melanie because the bangs have grown so fast that Ive had to start doing the 'side-swept' thing..otherwise I cant see at all! Its been an adjustment, but I feel so much more sophisticated now! LOVE.

That about covers it

Our Halloween was...boring. We didn't do ANYTHING. I didn't want to hand out candy because I didn't want Stella barking everytime someone knocked on the door. Well, and I really didn't want to end up stuck with loads of candy just waiting to be eaten. Jeeze Im such a witch!
So Isaak carved a tiny pumpkin and we went to bed early. Which I was perfectly fine with.

Spooky, right?