Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I really do not like what Im wearing today. I I should put on a riding helmet and go jump my horse. Only problem being, I don't have a horse...and I work in the IT department and don't actually even know how to ride a horse. Anyway, this outfit is due to the fact that I woke up freezing this morning and wanted to make sure I stayed warm at work. By the time I actually parked my car, it was blazing hot. Such is the weather in the PNW.

Stella dog is on her bed!
Ive been using honey as a facial cleanser in the mornings and I just happened to knock the container out of the shower and all over the bathroom floor this morning. Luckily, Clarice wasn't in the bathroom at the time and MF doesn't care about yummy delicious honey being within licking distance. She was more concerned with the birds outside the bathroom window. Which actually inspired me to make up a cat rap for her, which I wont share because of the language.

I remembered that I took this pic the other day and thought Id put it in this post. Seems fitting since this is turning into a rambling randomness anyway.

And one of MF for good measure!


  1. Haha how cute i love the pic of your cat all curled up next to your man

  2. Thanks! I was wishing I was still in bed as well :)