Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moms birthday

Last night, we met my parents at D'Anna's in celebration of my moms birthday, which was on Sunday. It was GOOD. Ive never been before. I know, Im an embarrassment to my community. Anyway, we ordered some calamari to start and then I had the Primavera and added scallops. Yum!

Just a little stormy? Jeez.

We had some time to kill before meeting my parents, so we went to Kombucha Town and picked up some yum. They dont have the ginger flavor at any of the stores yet, so we went directly to the brewery. I am so in love with that stuff.

After that, we stopped by the Up & Up for a couple of beers. I especially like going there when the place is empty of the college idiot crowd.I was able to snap one shot of Chris.

Aw! And its a close up too! haha! Lovely. I am currently waiting for this caffeine to start my heart pumping again. I swear, I cant go on with only 6 hours of sleep/night!!!! Its not good for anyone around me. Oh, and last night, I had a really weird dream...that Chris was a stylist and he cut my hair for me! Strange!!! I am forcing myself to go to bed early if I cannot be found this evening, thats where Ill be...snoring away by 8:30 PM.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Weekend aka a weekend for movies

We kicked off the long weekend with dinner at El Gitano and the second Star Trek movie with my mother in law. I kind of hate to admit it, but I REALLY like the Star Trek movies...ahaha!

Saturday I slept in. Whaaaaa??? I know. Crazy. Thennnnnn, we took the girls to the vet. Ive been wanting to get both Clarice and MF on wellness plans, but have been too lazy busy to get them in there. Luckily, we were able to borrow a cat carrier and Chris helped wrangle them in. They really do not like going in the car! I took pics, just like a good mommy.

On our way!

Waiting to see the doctor

By the time they were done, they didn't care that they were in the same carrier!

And then the rain...which hasn't stopped...

 Saturday evening, we watched:

Sunday, I woke up early to meet my mom and Aunt Laurie so that we could go clean up some headstones at the cemetery and deliver flowers. Half an hour out in the rain and I was SOAKED. Went home and climbed back into bed with Chris to warm up. We were supposed to head to Fairhaven to the beer garden, but the bad weather was too much to deal with. We cleaned up the house real quick and made sure dinner stuff was ready, then settled in to watch:

The sweet little pups
Martine, Carsten, Kellee, Michelle and Kenny came to bbq and hang out with Martine and Carsten before they departed for southern Washington and then home to Germany. It was great to get everyone together for an evening to catch up. I already miss Martine and Carsten. I cant believe we wont see them again til probably next summer :( I feel SO lucky that we got to spend as much time as we did with them though! It was great getting to know Carsten better and of course nice to see Martine!!! I love seeing my friend so happy. Oh God, getting teary...anyway, I hope they have a safe trip home and I cant WAIT to find out the results of the ultrasound! Very excited!!!

Yesterday morning we watched:

Then we went and visited my mother in law, then took our camping stuff to storage (thank goodness), then home and dinner, then watched:

Willing to share the same blanket. PROGRESS!

Apparently, all i have to do to get Mf's attention is lounge around in the living room. She seemed to like that.
Oh man, I was TIRED after that. My goal to be asleep by 9:30 was not met. According to wrist band sleep tracker thing, I only got 6 hours last night!!! Damn! Okay, tonight, I WILL be asleep by 9:30. I hope. We have the gym, then meeting parents for Mom's belated bday dinner. Then home to prep for Chris' interview tomorrow! I am so excited for him!!!!! I just know that he will do great :)

Time to crank out some work!!!! I have to redo some stuff that I messed up on Friday. Grr!!! Oh well, were already a day down in this week and Ill take what I can get!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Up to

Aw man! Ive been busy lately!!! Or maybe just too lazy to write a post.
Sooooo...heres what weve been up to.

Checking out the pretty fluers

Cant believe the sky is still aglow-even at 9:30 PM!!!

Never taking cuddles for granted

Stella is finally learning that she can be on her bed while MF is on there too

Clarice is so in love

Gummy bear martini after reorganizing the storage unit

It made no sense to pour it into a glass, the shaker made a perfect glass in itself!

Crazy clouds and a purty blue sky

New seat for my bike! Now just need to schedule a tune up...

New vodka. Mixed it with ginger beer...meh.

Gettin my read on. Books on Kindle are just too enticing.

Some snaps of Martine and Carstens wedding...more to come on that.

Vancouver, BC

Caesar. YUM! After that, I got a beer-the kind Chris was drinking.  

In our seats waiting for Fleetwood Mac!!

After the show started. And after the sweating started, apparently.

Oh yeaaaahhhh..thats Stevie!!!! They played 'Stand Back' hot shit! I couldnt believe it!!!
So thats that. I need to remember to harass Chris about getting some of the pics he took too. I honestly dont think Ive had that kind of a reaction at a show before. As in, having a moment because the reality that I was seeing FLEETWOOD MAC had finally sunk in. My God it was great!!!!

Im trying to make sure my resume is in order in the even I need to start sending it out. Chris applied for a position that would take us to Vancouver, WA. CRAZY EXCITED!!! Obviously, I hope he gets it...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Amazingly smelling flowers that are outside of my office

Laying in the sun at the park with Stellz

The best sombrero ever! Courtesy of my parents.

Murderface playing in the dirt outside. She was SO happy

Baby and MF laying on Stella's dog bed.

Afternoon snack

I made Pancit! All by myself! Well, with Danzelles recipe.

Last nights dinner. I made sure to keep Clarice away from my salmon this time!
Ugh. I keep forgetting that something is up with either Blogger or else Google+ my photos from my phone are being weird!!! Zoiks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

One more round

Now that Ive finally uploaded the photos that Chris took...which took forever...I can slap them up on here and be done documenting our little vaca.

Slightly out of order, but at this point, I DO NOT CARE!!!!