Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Review

Pretty colors!

1) Found a cool bag while thrifting.

2) Helped with Danzelle's wedding invitations...which are VERY cute!

3) Planted the window boxes (finally).

4) Saw Snow White with Kellee (who had some exciting news!)...was pretty good!

5) Watched The Deer Hunter creepy.

6) Had Meredith's fam and my fam over for dinner...quite the even, but seems to have gone well.

Okay, now for one positive thing....I'm thinking...really racking my brain here...uh...I know! I'm thankful for my self awareness.  Knowing what I want is going to help drive me to reach my goal! Thank goodness for the internet!

Note to self: Turn that frown upside down!!! Happy Monday!

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