Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Bits

Well, was kind of sick this weekend. Had been dealing with a weird stuffy/runny/sinusy thing in the later part of last week and it seems to have peaked Saturday. Skipped yoga. Still having back problems...and we slept in late. Then ran some errands, met up with Chris' mom for lunch. I did not eat...not feeling up to it. Went home and started watching Game of Thrones. I LOVE it. As with pretty much any HBO series, I feel like there really is alot of T&A...which seems like HBO saying 'we show this because WE CAN' ahahahaa! I dont mind, but its not something Id watch with my mom. Or even recommend to her, now that I think about it. We finished the first season in a day and a half. Im saving the second season to watch with Chris...hes seen it before, so he can help fill in any gaps for me.  Oh! And Chris put up the glow in the dark stars that we got in Friday Harbor.

So. Cool.

Aw! And my BF seems to never be wearing a shirt...probably because hes so hot.

And a little banner I hung up to welcome him home...because sometimes an extra adjective is totally necessary.  Took me hours to make this thing. Apparently Im not very handy with a pair of scissors. Who wouldve known.

The damn oak tree in my front yard got a huge split down the middle, so now needs to be cut down. This really really really makes me sad. I guess the wind and rain was just too much for it after 80 straight days of sun. Dan said hes been busy slowly cutting it least we'll be able to use the wood in the wood stove. If it EVER gets installed.

Got Twilight tickets this morning. Lili asked if I already got my ticket. I had not. We decided we should most definitely go together. And the best part? Well, other than seeing the show, is that its showing at 10:00 on Nov 15!!! We dont even have to wait til midnight! Which rocks because we are both 30 now, and being that old, dont really want to stay up THAT late :)

Im praying that this week goes fast. Friday is Michelles birthday, with a party at my house and of course thats when my Beloved comes home!!! One more week...I can do this....

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