Friday, October 26, 2012

Leather fring-y overload

Im having a seizure right now over these:

I just cant even stand it!!! I want to only wear shoes from Minnetonka. Im absolutely losing it right now!

Okay, Jeeze. Now where was I? Oh right. Scouring the Google for a poncho sweater type thing...where would I find something like that? Some trendy bohemian sweater that is totally overpriced? Free People of course! Aw! And it even has a hood. I decided I should probably look at UO as well...just for comparison. Jesus! I almost threw up! So many horribly ugly 80's style sweaters!!! What is the deal? Lucky for me, I have my parents basement...muwahaha! To be fair, there was a 'Navaho' print cardigan thing that I really loved. I could wear it with my Minnetonkas. Native Pride overkill. Was that politically incorrect of me? Oh well. 
I should probably just cut some holes in a blanket and call it good. Would be saving myself a ton of money and, really, thats pretty much all this is.


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