Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter is coming

Seriously though, the temperature is nearly freezing. Tomorrow I have to call to get propane delivered. EXPENSIVE. Not looking forward to that.
But I am looking forward to this:
10.2 % I will be having ONE. I remember the last beer that came in a 4 pack...
Really messed me up man.

Anyway...ugh...Im bored and tired...and medicated.
Called and got my lens prescription faxed to me so I can order some free glasses!!! YAY!
I cant decide between these ones
And these
I really want the pink ones. They. Are. Huge.
But, neither are eligible for the free deal. They are super cheap though...and I have a coupon for 50% off!!!! I love the pink ones <3 I need to get the opinion of another before I buy.

I am so excited to have ordered the wedding band for Chris. Gah! I cannot wait for it to come :)

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