Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend-San Juan Island

Since Chris is working in Friday Harbor for the next few weeks, I went out for the weekend to see him. I had alot of fun and I cant believe how much I much I had missed him after just 5 days of being apart. Laurie's husband, Scott, flew me out there. Id never been in such a small plane before. It was so awesome!!! So awesome. The island was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. I was so sad to leave :(

Aw Stella :)
After a few drinks
The ring that Chris picked out for me and a sparkly red manicure
Mt Baker from The American Camp National Park

Aw Love!

Some place alongside the road where we stopped

Accidental photo?

Kelp Beds

Sunday morning, waiting for a table so we could get breakfast

English Camp National Historic Park

GIANT maple tree



Funniest picture ever!

Bubble gum ice cream and waiting for the ferry

Goodbye :(

iPhone through the window pics from the ferry ride

Dan, Meredith and AJ picked me up from the ferry and we had dinner at the Rockfish Grill. I had a ton of pan fried oysters...yum yum yum! And got Chris a little something that I hope he likes and finds useful :) I already miss him soooooo much! Friday cannot come soon enough!

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