Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tomorrow-Hurry up and get here!!!

My Betrothed comes home tomorrow. I really cannot bring myself to say the word 'fiance' so what should I refer to him as? He's more than my boyfriend, but not yet husband. Ooooh!!! That just gave me shivers. Husband. That's powerful. People have been telling me that 'things will change' once we are married. I can only expect 'things' to be even more fantastic! I. cant. WAIT!

Okay, so I bought tickets to see the Killers. Presale began at 10:00.  I was reading the email purchase confirmation by 10:03. I am not messing around.

Im having one of those days where I just cannot seem to be productive. Ive been texting and emailing and looking at photos on Dropbox...distraction is everywhere. I was just thinking to myself 'I MUST get something done!!' then the next thought was 'my back is really hurting, oh! thats because its been 4 hours since I had a pain pill!' Okay, so I have a 30-40 minute window before the Percocet takes over and my brain becomes floaty, so what do I do in that time? Write a blog post. Duh.

Anyway, things have been pretty blah here are some cat pictures. YAY!


Clarice was licking my nose

Taking pictures of myself in bed with the cats because, honestly, this is what Ive been doing every night since Chris has been gone. 

And aren't those ones of Murderface creepy!?!?!? I always think that if she were a 'big' cat, she would kill me and eat me in a heartbeat. Bah!

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