Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Im still having alot of issues with my back...taking pain meds, which are making my stomach really upset :( Buuuuut!!! Chris surprised me by coming home for the night! Best thing ever <3

Excited for Martine to be back in the area on Monday. VERY excited to see Chris on Friday! Have been looking at mens wedding bands...time to get this show on the road! Speaking on shows...realized that the Killers show that Im getting tickets to is actually them headlining Deck the Hall Ball. RAD! Im so excited! Remembered to request the day off. Pat on the back :)

Gah! My eye wont stop twitching!! And I have no idea what surgeon to see for a consult!! EEk!!

Thats all Ive got for now. Oooh!!! Time to go home for the day! YES!

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