Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grey and Gold

Its hard to miss how well the grey sky compliments the gold of the changing leaves. I wish I were able to say that I love this time of year, unfortunately, with the onset of autumn comes the rain. I do feel thankful that despite the rain we've been having, the wind hasn't made much of an appearance and the branches have managed to hang onto their leaves. Usually by the end of October, most of the leaves have made their way to the ground to be trampled into mush. Im thankful that driving to work yesterday and today, I was able to admire how brilliant the mountains look nearly covered in deciduous splendor. Jeez, this year is nearly over. I never get over how surprised I am at the start of each new season. Rain. Rain. Rain. I hope this weekend Ill have the opportunity to take a few photos of foliage before its all gone. This week is going to fly, I can already tell. I need to get myself together and vote. I need to dig into the A+ book. I need to continue clearing out clutter in an effort to make room for Beloved. I need to clean house before having 'healthy dinner club' on Saturday. I need get my room in order for Martine and Carsten to stay next week. Cruising right along....

Also, we set a date. January 1st. Its perfect :)

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