Friday, February 22, 2013


Todays date has got me really thinking. About how much I want some 222's. And by that, I mean the good stuff from Canada. I have no idea WHY they are called 222's. On the bottle, they are ACC (Acetaminophen, Caffeine, Codeine) aka the most brilliant painkiller ever. Since I am now in the terrible grips of some virus, I could really use something to make me feel better! I suppose that the best thing for me is probably rest and drinking lots of theeeeese:

A green drink!! Its about the last thing I want to try and swallow right now, but I know my bod will be appreciative of the good stuff in there. 

Last night, Chris made the best soup. I took pictures because I was really impressed.

I ate all of it. It took me twice as long as Chris, but I did it! And then I immediately went to bed. We were both feeling pretty crappy so we went to bed early and watched:

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CAPTAIN RON!!!!! Say what?!?! I completely forgot it had been added to the Netflix queue! Was a great surprise! I had NyQuil caps at the ready and we settled in to watch. CLEARLY, I thought it was hilarious. Not so hilarious to my husband. Maybe my horrible snorting laughter was just so loud that it drowned him out and thats why I couldnt hear his mirth? Doubtful.

Anyway. About halfway through the movie, I caught Clarice trying to eat the gel caps off my nightstand and I had to strike her down!!! Well, I grabbed her by her back fat and drug her over to me so I could pluck the pill from her jaws.  I was so scared that she had eaten it!!!! But alas! She was just licking it. Phew. Close call.  I picked up the sticky little thing and put it away somewhere safe. She was pretty mad at me. Im sure she felt I was overreacting. We made up and I learned my lesson about leaving my meds laying about.  

One last thing:

My husband is so hot :) Imma lucky, lucky girl!

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  1. HI!!

    I wish I could have 222's!

    From the back your husband looks like Joe. Weird. GET A ROOM!

    I'm going to catch up on your blog.