Monday, February 25, 2013

Our weekender

I had big plans for the weekend. Was supposed to go to Healthy Dinner Club at Ambers and then for drinks after. That was before the plague hit me. Seriously though, I havnt been sick in SO long. I feel like such a baby because I feel so miserable and just want attention and cuddles from my husband. Gah! Friday night, we pretty much just laid in bed. I honestly dont remember what we did. But I did remember to take our daily!!

I think this pretty much portrays how we were feeling.
I also took some shots of crazy Murderface rolling around on Stellas bed.

Saturday, Stella had a vet appointment for her 6 month exam, so I was up early and dropped her off at 8:45. She ended up being there til 3!!! Crazy! Went home, got Chris, we went back to bham and checked out the house I was so in love with. Just so happens the realtor was having an open house! While the neighborhood is a dream, the house needed tons of work and there were about a thousand other people there checking it out. After that, we went to the DMV so that I could get my drivers license with my new last name! Exciting! Went to Costco (nightmare) and then home...we had to go back a third time to pick up Stellz! Her appointment was supposed to take between 2-4 hours but they had a couple of emergencies, so her appointment kept getting pushed back :( We got her home and went to the park for a quick game of ball.

What a good fast girl!

Of course I had to wear snow boots.
Clarice in her little cocoon.

She is so spoiled :)
 Sunday we were able to sleep in a bit. Well, I never sleep in. Which means sleeping pictures of Chris and the cats!!!

Denise and Dan and Delight came over for lunch and to see the baby, then we headed to mother in laws house to (finally) keg the beer we made a month ago. Glad thats out of the way.

Then we all went to dinner at the North Fork. Kellee got us a gift certificate and we couldnt wait to use it!
There was quite a bit of snow on hills. Very pretty. 

My absolute FAVORITE. Wow. I didnt realize that was true til I just said it. Yep, Ill admit, the Nothfork Brewerys Hefeweizen is my favorite beer. Let me be clear though, only THIS particular hefe. No others!!! Mmm...we ordered a house meat and a house veggie. Yum yum! I ate mine before I even thought to take a pic :( We got a couple of growlers to go and headed home. 

IPA and Hefe

Adorable quilt that my mother in law made for Madison. It has jeeps on it. So cute!
Pretty much just took NyQuil and passed out at like 8. Still feeling like crap today, but back at work :(

The arsenal. 

Im keeping my fingers crossed that today goes fast. I have a massage therapy appointment tonight after work that Im pretty excited about!


  1. Why do you guys look stoned?!?!

    Hmm.. that beer sounds good.. wish I could have some! I've never tried that kind. I've also never been to N. Fork brewery. That blanket is adorable! I wish I was Madison! Jk.
    I LOL'd and I"m not sure why when I read "what a good, fast girl." hahahah I don't know why! I think cause we say that shit to Cuba.
    Aw! MF and Clarice! Is Clarice Chris' fave? Does someone finally love her the most?

    1. Hahaha! Prob bc we were trying not to get blinded by the light above the bed! And I was stoned on cold meds. I want to remind Stella that she's my fave ;-) haha! YES! Chris and clarice are ridiculous together. Makes me smile. Haha!