Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Not very deep ones though...mostly things like:

When will I get over this cold? Im tired of having coughing fits at work that make my eyes water and make me sound like Im dying. Im tired of coughing up stuff and spitting it into a tissue. I cant just swallow it. I have to do SOMETHING with it. Ick. I want to not keep Chris up all night because Im coughing so hard, it might cause me to throw up. People tell me, 'Ive had that cold, you feel better, then it comes back. Youll be sick for a month!' Why do they say these awful things???? Please go away cold. I dont want you anymore.

A daily where Chris head looks tiny

The professional version of my valentine to Chris. It committed suicide, so he rebuilt it and now its perfect.

My new addiction. Thank you Mother in law :)


  1. Feel better already!! Also, I love the valentine! That's rad

  2. Yikes, feel better! I had a bad one too, but thankfully it went away. Maybe try a doctor? They can swab for strep and maybe give you a little stronger med. to make it go away.

    1. No coughing last night! I finally feel like I'm over this. Eek! Very thankful I didn't need to visit the doctor :)