Friday, February 15, 2013


Lets see...whats been going on...
I met with my attorney yesterday to finalize some stuff, so thats really good. This insurance claim is (hopefully) coming to a close.
Chris got me this AWESOME bag and matching wallet. Im totally in love with them.

Local company, Alchemy Goods, makes bags/wallets out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes. Badass.

I made this lovely Lego heart valentine for my Beloved. I got the parts from my mother in law. In true Mel fashion, I waited til yesterday morning to start in on it and realized I didnt have enough. It ended up looking pretty jacked up, but he seemed to appreciate the gesture.

In my defense, I was able to pretty this up a little bit. And by that I mean it slightly resembled a heart when I was done with it.
So to celebrate Vday, we went and saw Die Hard. At 5:20. We shared a giant bucket of popcorn. And a couple of beers. I couldnt get my ring off my finger this morning. Hello sodium! I do have to say that I feel like we're pushing our luck, sneaking alcohol into the theater. I have no balls, apparently.

Oh Bruce.
Im totally stoked on the movie tickets that Kellee gave us. It seems like weve been going to see movies a LOT lately. Its expensive! For crying out loud. I guess we save some cash by loading up my handbag with crap from Walgreens so we dont have to buy it at the theater. Cultural enrichment, makes it money well spent, I suppose. Ive been seriously craving some museum time though. What I really want to do is go to the Burke Museum. I wish we had a crazy awesome natural history museum close by. Oooh! What about the Science Center? I want to go there too! I suppose that if its something a 9 year old boy would like, its a pretty safe bet that it will be right up my alley. I feel like some planning needs to happen right quick. I need to get my museum on.

Madison: 1 week old. Murderface; 2 yrs? 3 yrs?
Oh yes. And here is an adorable picture of Madison and Murderface. Its my favorite :)

And some daily's.

Let it be known, we were wearing clothes! Well, I was wearing a tank top. Cant speak for the Mr though.

I like how this looks like a one of those photo booth strip things.
The Daily is super funny to me...when the reminder goes off at 8 every night, we just grab my phone and snap some pics. Its interesting to see what we are up to at the same time every night. Usually, we are in bed. Interesting/Sad...whatever...ahaha!

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