Thursday, February 21, 2013

Summer lovin

Okay, Im not really sure WHY that song is stuck in my head...I suppose it could be worse.

I am going crazy over wanting to buy a house in Bellingham. Close to work and downtown. I want to be able to go home during the day to play with Stella and see the kitties. I want to be able to ride my bike to work. I want to be able to get a cab home after a night out. I want to be close to parks. I want a neighborhood where I can take my kids trick or treating. I want, I want, I want!!! Jeez, that makes me feel so selfish! Well, maybe I am! But just a little. I try to keep myself motivated to save money for a down payment by looking at the current house listings. Today, I came across a house that is in THE PERFECT neighborhood and is the perfect style. Its a short sale (which makes me sad for the owners) so its an incredibly awesome deal. I feel like crying because we cant have it :( I realize that there will (hopefully) be others when we are ready to buy, so Im not going to dwell on this too much.
Here she is!!!! La maison de Spinks! That probably doesnt make any sense. Im cool with that.

Aw! My sweet little dream housey!!! I love you! I wuvvy wuuuv you!!!
Seriously though, I almost passed out when I saw that tile in the bathroom. Totally lush. Mmmm...

Moving on. We made it to and through Breaking Dawn part 2 last night. I had requested dinner at Thai House before the movie because I was having mad cravings for Pad Se Iw. Clearly I have no clue how to spell that. But its not really about the spelling. Its about those pan fried wide rice noodles. I destroyed it!!! Well, actually, I couldnt finish it. But I did eat almost all of it. On to the movie. I have a maja crush on the fact that the mall plays movies that are out of the other theaters and for a fraction of the price. The cush new theater is so expensive! However, as soon as I sat down last night, I was like 'God! These seats are terrible!' Anyway. There were only a few others in the theater...a pair of girls wearing sweats and uggs, a solo gal, an overweight creeper guy, and then there was some dude who would best be described as 'stoner type'. He was sitting a few rows in front of us and was getting IN TO IT. Like, I feel that Im pretty riveted watching those movies, but this guy was clapping and shouting. He wouldve fit in PERFECTLY at the midnight release. Apart from the fact that he wasnt a teenage girl or a mid 30's mom who stole the books from her daughter and is now obsessed. I actually had the urge to corner this guy after the movie and have a chat with him about it. But that wouldve been weird. Even weirder than him being in there by himself at 6:15 on a Wednesday. I just wonder if hes seen all of the other ones...

Ugh. So Chris is definitely sick and I feel like Im heading down that same path. Im going out on my lunch today to get us some cold care tea. We are skipping the gym tonight, which Im okay with. I fore see lots of hot broth in our immediate future.

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