Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up to

Recently I:

Made a giant batch of green smoothies, portioned out into ziplocs and threw them in the freezer. Was not nearly enough chlorophyll entering this body.

Been hanging out on the treadmill at the gym. Watching HGTV. Got ambitious and tried the stair climber. BAD IDEA.  Only made it 3 minutes! Thought I was gonna have a heart attack, so I scurried back to the trusty treadmill and set it at a very slow pace.

Got a lot of movie watching done lately. So far this week its been:

We are so boring. Work, gym, home, park w/Stellz, dinner, movie, sleep. Every. Single. Day.

That being said. Today, we've decided to shake things up a bit. Work, dinner, Twilight movie (yessss!!!) home, bed. Well, that was the plan as of last night. Chris might be coming down with something, so Twilight might have to wait for another day. Im okay with that. Ive already seen it twice. Plus I hate looking like a pathetic baby, crying in front of my husband over a movie. HA!

Took a bunch of pics of the animals and my husband. Pretty much goes without saying, thats all I take pictures of these days.
This is a pretty typical sleeping arrangement.
Little Peanut loves her daddy!
Um...not much to say about this one. I took mine off.
My name is Murderface. I love wearing bandanas as scarves, eating popcorn and antiquing.
Hahaa! She was so annoyed!
All tucked in for the day while Mom and Dad go to work.
Squatchie, Chris, Madison, Me.
Chris, my double chin, Madison
She is so pretty :) Oddly enough, I haven't seen her in two days! She lives with me. Shes been hiding out with her mommy.
I may or may not have pink eye. Im seriously hoping my eye is just irritated from allergies and from getting my eyelashes tinted on Saturday. Wishful thinking? Maybe. I will say this, 'you all better not rub your eye on my keyboard'

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  1. I cant believe her hair. I love the pics of you holding her!!