Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big Things

Cannot stop cracking up over this...clearly I'm Penny on that show...wait and also in real life!

 Lots going on order of occurrence:

  •  Selected location for wedding (Whatcom Falls) chose date for reception (May 18).
  • Surgery consult-under the knife not happening.
  • iPhone 5 received-AMAZEBALLZ!!!
  • Ballard weekend-Martine is gone (sad) hotel sucked (also sad) food poisoning? (horrible).
  • Chris' wedding band arrived-we are now practically married (niceeeeeeee).
  • Joined BAC-love it. Absolutely. Love. It.
  • Breaking Dawn part 2 tonight-so unbelievably excited!!!!! 
  • Moving Chris in next weekend-also unbelievably exciting! 
Hmmm...what else is happening...probably something really super important that Im forgetting...
Im really looking forward to this weekend. Will hopefully throw stuff away organize, have some downtime, get a workout in, spend time with Stella, have dinner with fam Saturday AND Sunday!
What else what else what else????? Thats all Ive got.

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