Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waking up early

Due to the current reinjuring...I havent been to yoda in like 6 weeks. Im starting to feel gross about myself because Ive been so inactive. Plus, eating more than Im used to and drinking alot more beer than Im used to has caused me to gain a bit of weight. Making me feel even WORSE about myself. The weather combined with my work schedule makes doing anything active outside during the week nearly impossible. I started contemplating a gym membership. UGH. I HATE the gym. Ive had so many memberships and have let all of them lapse. I just really haven't liked any of them. While considering the different options available, I remembered that Bellingham Athletic Club has an indoor pool! Swimming would be perfect for someone with my type of injury. So on Monday, I scheduled a tour and went to have a look. The place is really great. Tons of nice equipment, Giant locker room and there was NO one in the pool. The only people I saw throughout the entire facility were 'older'...and when I say older, I mean they could be my grandparents. This morning I got my stuff together and made it to the gym by 8. Swam for about 15 minutes...quickly realized that swimming actual laps is quite different from just messing around in the pool. My arms started to jellitize. Okay, so maybe it really IS a real workout. I slithered out and hit the hot tub for a few. I like waking up this way. I think the trial ends on Monday, and then I have an appointment to see the surgeon at Swedish on Tuesday but at some point next week, Ill sign up for a membership. Its expensive!!! But I think it will be worth it. I ordered a swim cap and ear plugs. Im excited :)

ALSOOOOO!!!! I just got billed for my new iPhone!!!!! GAH! I am soooooo excited!!! Its supposed to ship tomorrow...I feel like Ive been waiting forever for it! Yay Yay Yayayayaya!!

Just some randoms that have been cluttering up my dropbox....

Mustache Mirror

Grilled Cheese and a shellfish knife!

More reorganizing..and Murder in a basket. Is that like pigs in a blanket?


Breakfast: gluten free biscuits, over easy eggs, salsa verde and sriracha.

Up close kitten

Proof of snuggles :)
Last night we ate pizza and watched Young Frankenstein. Quite hilarious. The only thing missing was Halloween candy. I suppose Ill let that slide.

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