Thursday, May 23, 2013

Up to

Aw man! Ive been busy lately!!! Or maybe just too lazy to write a post.
Sooooo...heres what weve been up to.

Checking out the pretty fluers

Cant believe the sky is still aglow-even at 9:30 PM!!!

Never taking cuddles for granted

Stella is finally learning that she can be on her bed while MF is on there too

Clarice is so in love

Gummy bear martini after reorganizing the storage unit

It made no sense to pour it into a glass, the shaker made a perfect glass in itself!

Crazy clouds and a purty blue sky

New seat for my bike! Now just need to schedule a tune up...

New vodka. Mixed it with ginger beer...meh.

Gettin my read on. Books on Kindle are just too enticing.

Some snaps of Martine and Carstens wedding...more to come on that.

Vancouver, BC

Caesar. YUM! After that, I got a beer-the kind Chris was drinking.  

In our seats waiting for Fleetwood Mac!!

After the show started. And after the sweating started, apparently.

Oh yeaaaahhhh..thats Stevie!!!! They played 'Stand Back' hot shit! I couldnt believe it!!!
So thats that. I need to remember to harass Chris about getting some of the pics he took too. I honestly dont think Ive had that kind of a reaction at a show before. As in, having a moment because the reality that I was seeing FLEETWOOD MAC had finally sunk in. My God it was great!!!!

Im trying to make sure my resume is in order in the even I need to start sending it out. Chris applied for a position that would take us to Vancouver, WA. CRAZY EXCITED!!! Obviously, I hope he gets it...

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