Monday, April 29, 2013

Life lately

Havent been bloggin been too busy livin.

And it seems that is the way its going to be for awhile. This morning, we realized that the next 3 weekends are already planned out. But with fun stuff!!! This weekend is the peninsula, next weekend is Winnies bday, then the next weekend is MARTINES WEDDING! Im pretty excited for that. And that very same day, we go to Vanc. BC to see Fleetwood Mac. Dream come true!

For crying out loud, I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for this camping trip. I wish it were Thursday instead of Monday...

Saturday, we went to April Brews Day, and in traditional fashion, it rained. And I was freezing. So proceeded to pound mini glasses of beer to try and ward off the cold. By the time it stopped raining and the sun came out, I was pretty lit. Excellent. Overall, it was a good time. I made an ahole of myself, but was able to work it out in the end. Lesson learned. My mom and dad picked us up and drove us home. Having a car that seats 7 is pretty amazing. BUT! I ended up sitting in the backseat! With Dan!!! Its like we were kids again. And the backseat of my own car!

Well, here are some recent pics...

Triple salad at the co-op. Sesame noodles...mmm.
Lilacs in a Tupac shot glass. CLASS!

At the park.
The beginnings of bfast burritos that turned out horrible!!!

One of the countless glasses of beer at April Brews Day.

My lover wearing my glasses.

Hahaa! This one is so great!

The drive home got weird.

Real weird. HAHAA!
Good times.

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