Monday, April 15, 2013

Pre weekend!

I started this post last week, and never got a chance to finish..

Oh man. So much to report.
Work this week has been crazy busy, which isnt always a bad thing.
My new gym shoes are amazing!

And that was as far as I got. I cant remember what else I was going to mention. Bummer dude.
I suppose I will just pick up where I left off...with a bunch of photos....

Hell yes!

Double Hell YES!

Vintage Frye...and a big mess in front of the mirror...
Im pretty flushed. I mustve been drinking.
Somebody hates tummy time.
 I take pictures on our drive home. Me likey!
We tried to shave Murderface. We failed. She now just looks like an idiot. Sorry MF :(

On my way to meet Gma Delight for a charity luncheon, I encountered
Cleared up by Saturday eve...and outside was all yellow-y. Weird. But really pretty!
AND! A Rainbow Brite!!!!

Sunday was very productive. We installed some shelves in my closet! Getting organized!!! Also, Chris is wearing just looks like he isnt...but he is! I promise!
I made some pork tenderloin. Chris made mashed potatoes. I want to have an affair with those potatoes....

And now here we are. Another weekend gone and an entire week of work ahead of us. Something exciting though, we are talking about getting prequalified for a home loan...just for fun...not seriously looking. But stillllllllll.....

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