Monday, October 14, 2013


Well, I guess some of this stuff is actually from late last week. But whatever.

Cant stop thinking about these Vietnamese noodles with tofu. 

Went and saw Back to the Future at Cinetopia. Swoon!
Made crockpot applesauce with a recipe found here

Cuddle time with both of the girls

Warm applesauce with the last of the maple yogurt. 
Beef Stew w\the best saltines

Bfast at the Stardust. 

Went to check out a tienda...need to find a place to get tortillas and carne asada.

My peeps at the Starbucks in our 'new' neighborhood

Walking around Shumway neighborhood where we will be living SOON.

This guy cracks me up! However, it was not funny how terrible this pizza was :(
Looked like there was a little race happening on the river

Met friends at McMenamins for lunch

The weather was cooperative

Took S to the P
One week from today, I start work as a Peacehealth employee!!! I have no idea what my orientation/training entails and so far, I haven't really heard much from them. It is slightly stressful being in this unknowing state. I also have to go shopping for work appropriate clothes at some point this week. Yikes!

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