Thursday, October 10, 2013


Okay, so thats how I have to say it in my head so that I can remember how to pronounce the name of the town. Kalama. Set on the side of a hill, my heart gets tugged everytime we drive by on I-5. And now I know why. Kalama High School is the set location of the 'Forks High School' in the Twilight movies. I was in a mood the other day and decided that I needed a little time away, so Stella and I drove a little ways north and landed in Kalama. Chris and I had stopped once on our way back to Bham to grab lunch, but didnt have time to poke around. Ive wanted to go back ever since. So, I did. I drove around and found the high school, which is up at the top of one of the streets that run up the hill. I had Googled Kalama to see if there was anything that I had to see while there and read that the school was used to film the Twilight movies. Nuff said. As I pulled into the parking lot I had a very surreal feeling. Ive never been anywhere that was used as a film location, so it was WAY weird to be at a place that I had seen in movies. Whaaaa!!!??!?! Super weird. That parking lot-the one where Edward saves Bella from getting crushed by the van-is actually really small! There was a cop car there...I cant help but think that they get some crazay ass people coming through there. Clearly Im referring to myself. I did a quick drive by, took some shots with my phone through the rainy window and hightailed it outta there.

Kind of sucky pics, right? I let the fear get the better of me. Im going to have to go back and pretend to be someone who isnt looking like one of those moms whos teenage daughter got her obsessed on the books/movies. Maybe Ill just act like Im a student there. Wait, what. What? No? Meh.

I checked out a couple of antique places-one of which, Judy's Antiques-was a gold mine. I was literally like, 'now were talkin' So much good stuff. I didn't think stuff was overpriced, but I also wasn't at a garage sale either. I got a lovely fawn tv planter lamp. Shes a real Beaut! I cant wait to plant some cactus or something in there. And I ADORE the color. I had a nice chat with Judy and promised Id be back once my job provides some funds.

This sucker is actually quite large. I loveeeee it! And strangely enough, so does Murderface.
Salt and Pepper shakers that I found in a different shop. 
Lets see...then I had lunch at the Mexican place. Is it weird for a girl to sit at the bar in a place by herself? Its not the first time Ive done that and I tend to get strange looks. Oh well. Dont care. Had the special and a beer. Yum!

Then I just walked around a bit and took some pictures...

I am very appreciative when I see views like this. They seem hard to come by in Vancouver.

Theeeeeen, we left. By that time, the rain had tapered off and the sun was out. I drove down by the port and then up some road a ways. Over a bridge and down by the river. Oh I miss our river.

Back on I-5, I decided to take the exit for Dike Access Road. I dont think it gets more self explanatory than that.

And then, I was like, 'whoa! thats a really big boat!' And it was.

And it cruised right down the river...when I was driving, I could see it above the trees!

And then I went home and Chris made dinner. A bowl of hot dogs! He knows how to please this lady :)

Today was a better day. I went and had a pre-employment drug test, met Chris at home and fed him lunch, then tackled the zillion pounds of apples that are converting to applesauce as I type this! Peeling and coring apples sucks. Im stoked to have so much applesauce on hand though. Yay!

Oh, and one more thing about today...Clarice was being so funny! She decided to leave the bedroom for awhile and joined me in the kitchen! And then she was running around and rolling on the kitchen rug. I had to get a vid for Chris. He is the only other person who would think Clarice looking at the camera and meowing is SOSOSOCUTE.

Im about ready to take some tylenol pm and call it a day! So, Goodnight Moon.

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