Friday, October 18, 2013

Last week of unemployment

I start my new job on Monday. Very nervous/excited. Mostly excited to not be bored at home and to have a paycheck again. Ive been shopping up a storm for new work clothes. Which is not my favorite thing to do...especially since they have to be grown up clothes. And no fringe! Fringe is not work appropriate. I think that I did a pretty good job of buying wisely. Lots of versatile items that are pretty timeless. Lots of black and lots of black and white. I went to the mall to exchange a pair of pants for a different size and continued on my hunt for some black flats that aren't hideous. I feel like I am SO particular about shoes. Anyway I found the Steve Madden leopard print shoes I have been lusting after and they were on CLEARANCE!!! from $80 to $20! Yay! Leopard could be considered a neutral, so I think I can call it good now. I also picked up a pair of black pumps. They are Naturalizers! What?!!?!? I feel so old! Haha! They are really comfortable though and Chris said they look professional, which is what I was going for. They have patent leather accents, which I really like. All patent leather heels reminds me too much of a prostitute, which isn't the particular 'professional' look Im going for. I am so happy to be shopping down here in Vancouver rather than in Bellingham, where shopping is a nightmare. Plus, Ive been able to shop during the day when everyone else is at work, so thats been really nice. Im happy to be all done with the shopping for awhile. When these clothes start to feel loose, then I can hit the mall again. Im so happy this mall has a Loft and a Nordstrom :)
I really only have three things that I need to purchase but they are expensive and can wait. I need  want a new wool dress coat, a satchel type bag to haul around my laptop and other purse items and some black boots. I think the weather here can get kind of nasty in the winter, so some leather boots that can stand up to rain and snow and still be worn to the office.

Found Here, so you don't forget, dummy.

Right here!!!!

Both are super expensive, but both are high quality and timeless design. I love love love these boots because they have the 'engineer' styling but are still feminine and not rugged looking. very versatile. And that bag is just so pretty. And would work well for travelling with a laptop. One of these days...sigh.

So lets see...what else have we been up to...

Watching the Murd go after a bug on the outside of the window.

Making bean with bacon soup -recipe-

Of COURSE I didn't get a picture of the finished product. It was good though!

My lunch from the other day. Quorn chicken patty, sauerkraut, pickled beets, lettuce, yum.

Saw this at F21 and immediately thought of Baylee

Really pretty vase at the Old World Antique Mall

This Child size dresser with mirror was sooo cute! But over $200...which is too much to spend on our future children. Even though it wouldve gone Perfectly with the rest of the red painted furniture that I plan to use in a kids room one day :)

Roseville Flower Frog. Pretty cool, even with the chip.

I think I might have to go back for these. Antique ceramic towel bar holders. Pretty darn cool. And unique. And an awesome color. AND would look great in our new house! 

I actually did buy this. I saw it, then went next door to an appointment and came back for it. I really love unusual vessels. Must have something to do with my constant need to declutter by putting stuff in things. 

I wasn't going to get this, but I could tell that Chris really wanted another 'cereal bowl' so now it lives with us and its Pyrex twin and other siblings.

Im pretty sure these Mccoy boots were still $80, even with the chip in the top. I really liked them!!!

And my books came!

All lined up with the original green. The new one is in such better shape! Never put your Pyrex in the dishwasher!!!

Dinner! Meatballs!

Sharing a huge jar of my dad's signature cocktail on his birthday :)

MF being extremely interested in the guys tearing down the deck. Yes, that FINALLY happened. 

Almost all gone!

This one is sooo strange. Hahaha!!! She just likes to sit among the chaos.  

Decided to put the dishes away in Rainbow Order. The best, really.

Trying to find a replacement for black flats. $30 at Target. Not bad.

Making soba noodles with shrimp. Recipe loosely followed from here

This little Peanut...slowly making her way out of the bedroom. What a weirdo! I sure do love her!

And last but not least, the new shoesies that I got today! Not bad! not bad at all. Ugh. I am SO done with spending money. Well, for now at least. Tomorrow we are going to the coast! Yippeeeeee!!!! I am SO SO SO excited for this! I can't wait for Chris to see all of the beautifulness on that drive! YAY!

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