Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend and a trip to the coast (Astoria, Seaview, Long Beach)

Well, like I had said, we took a road trip out to the coast. We took the Volvo so Stellz would be more comfy. I drove. I am also still afraid of bridges. We crossed some very large ones. It was worth it. 

Bridge from Longview to Oregon

Heading up Highway 432? I think. Basically whatever highway goes from Longview to the coast on along the Oregon side. The morning was sooo foggy! I was super sad. 

Longview bridge that we had driven over. 

The fog cleared up and the day was BEAUTIFUL!!!


Where we went for lunch

More from Astoria

My fried oyster sandwich. OMG. So good. 

Chris' chicken strips. OMG. So good!!! Hahaha!

Yep, we went there. 

Astoria is so pretty, but I think I would hate to live there. 

We deduced this was the school that was used in filming 'Kindergarten Cop' ITS NOT A TUMOR. Heh.
Astoria Bridge

Ships. Duh.

Our little travel companion

At Long Beach. The wind was cold, but the sand was warm!!!

This beach is pretty boring if you arent driving around on it, or flying a kite or something. Not alot to look at. Threw the ball for Stella, then checked out some other areas. 

Whale Skeleton. 
Um, a crappy picture of the view from the 'Pickled Fish' restaurant which is atop the Adrift Inn. Hopefully, we will be able to go back and stay. Dog friendly rooms and a cool restaurant/bar in the hotel! 

Keeping an eye on the car with Stellz in it. 

Pretty cool pendent lights. 

I think the Adrift's claim to fame is that they use nearly all recycled/reclaimed items. We figured out that the bar stools were upholstered with old welding jackets. NICE!

Our stingy ass 12 oz beers.
The Sou'wester Lodge

For Kris :) Please see the post that is dedicated entirely to this place. 
The drive back home

Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens

This one was really cruising!

I love this one.

Back in Longview

Look at the bridge back there behind the train!!!

Such a fun day! Then Sunday, we started packing some boxes and getting ready to move once the house closes. In 10 dayyyssss!!! YAY! 

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