Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sou'wester

Soooo while we were in the Long Beach area, we stopped by the Sou'Wester Lodge so I could take a look around and get some snaps. From what I could tell, the place seemed like it would be a really good location to gather with some friends. In the warmer months. Im envisioning people renting out the 'motor-lodges' and all hanging around a campfire. Drinking. Basically, upscale camping. The actual lodge portion of the property was absolutely adorable. And Im pretty sure the campground is close to the beach. There were boots, shovels and buckets available for clamming. And a wreath making class was just finishing up when we got there. Ive also heard that the lodge hosts live music, which could be pretty fun. Overall, it definitely seemed like a place I would like to stay. I think we will need to get on it and make reservations for next summer, because I think the place fills up pretty fast!

The sun porch goes around the back and side of the lodge and has a bunch of cool stuff for sale.

In case you need to get a snack.

The kitchen area was marked private, but I still stuck my camera in anyway.

Games available to borrow.

So cute! They even have a little fridge in there that has eggs, milk, cheese, etc.

There was a little trailer that was converted into a thrift store. 

The tail-end of the wreath making class.

I think they had 'beverages' to purchase out here in this shed.

Cabins that are available to rent.

Such a nice day and such a cute place! I really like that its close to the town of Seaview, but feels like its in the middle of nowhere. Looking forward to visiting again soon!

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