Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We have been busy working our way into a new house! Travelling to Bellingham for a concert. Getting myself a grown up job! And some other stuff...

Stupid overpriced, underalcohol'd margarita 


Queen Elizabeth in the OTHER Vancouver

I like to talk while Im taking a picture

Just waiting for the show to start. PET SHOP BOYS 4 EVA

The look on his face! HAHAHA!!!

Stopped the car in the middle of the road on the way to Sumas

A normal one

THE Pumpkin Patch. I miss it!!!

Who I sleep next to

What I am currently reading
Extra cute leggings. Couldn't justify buying them though.

Amazing tart that Lori and Chuck brought ;)

Pie that Michelle brought

Just eyes. Was trying to take a snap of my new hair...but then MF got interested in what I was doing.

The new house. 

A Rum Ham
Really want to get some of the house pics up in here. But CRS just got home, so I have to go throw together dinner...tonight, we are going to see Aliens at Cinetopia. Im scared!

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