Thursday, September 5, 2013

Round the 'ol apartment

Just some bits from the first couple of weeks in our new place...

Taking some snaps to send to the parents so they can see what our place looks like. And theres Clarice!

Our first dinner in our new town. Muchas Gracias. Realized later that its quite the fast food chain down here. Not too bad though,! And cheap. Reeeal cheap.

Rosy posy found on a walk around the neighborhood

This one will sleep anywhere!

Finally using the electric kettle to make some iced tea! 

The things that really make a house a home. 

Finally unpacked. Still havent used it yet though. But it sure is pretty!

Uh a 'creative' shot? Things always look like they'll be more exciting after a beer or two. 

Just a rainbow while we enjoyed a bev outside

McMenimans in Hawthorne. Not sure what the deal is with these places, but people seem to be pretty hot about them. I cant complain, dinner was good and they do right by beer as well. 

I remember when I took this, we were both like, 'wow! that cloud looks like a cat!' Not sure I see it now...

Its happened. I started drinking out of the jars.

Game time on the patio

The perfect place for a nap

I honestly think she believes in her heart that this is her bed.

Eek! Murderface saved me from that crazy big beetle! Please don't mind the bags of trash in the background. The trash collection at this apartment place stinks. muwahahaha.

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  1. I have that same tea kettle! And I made iced tea using it last night too!!
    I love MF.
    I want the fast food mexican.