Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lynden Fair (August 12-13)

Im waiting to do a post on our reception til I receive the photos from Royce. So for now, Ill just skip ahead!
Sunday (the day after the reception) we cleaned up the humongous mess that we made and then went to Lorna's (and Jimmy's) for dinner. It was a really relaxing way to finish up the weekend and have some downtime after such a crazy prep for the reception.

Our glorious tissue paper banners that met the rain

She LOVES my dad :)

Some cows and a UNICORN!!!

Just a few leftover chips...

King Corn dog. The main reason to go to the fair

Baby camels

A girl wiping her goats bum

And that is that! Hopefully, it wont be the last we see of the Lynden Fair. Next year, everyone goes to the demo derby with us? Please?

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