Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mt Baker Blues Festival and a 1 year anni date (August 3-4)

I had never been to the Blues Fest before, partly because I didnt have anyone who would want to go with me. This year, however, I was married, which means there is someone who HAS to go with me. It was really alot of fun and I really liked the vibe of the crowd that was there. Way different than other festivals. In a good way. I think we are going to try and make it an annual tradition. And force other people to go with us!
A million RVs!!! And just as many porta potties. I will say this, they were the cleanest Ive ever had the pleasure of peeing in, so that was good.
This pizza. I will profess my undying love for Cicchittis Pizza to whoever will listen!!!!!!

Look closely, thats a New Belgium bike. Badass!

The tank we got for Madison

So lets see...that was August 3rd.

The follow day marked the anniversary of the day I drunkenly facebooked Chris after running into him downtown. Just to be clear, I had drank WAY too much and Martine, in an effort to save me from making an ahole out of myself had taken away any devices that could connect to the internet. But I outfoxed her and used Meredith's desktop! HA! I had to change my FB password because I was too drunk to remember what it was, but I was determined. I did what needed to be done. And now look! Im married to the guy! Success! Ummmmm....anyway....
We had planned to drink at Uisce, but the place was closed on a Sunday afternoon. Lame, I know. So we ended up at D'annas instead.
A little predate action in Madison's pool

Just taking in the sights of downtown

Oh right! I forgot that after dinner, we went to Bayou!  

Just taking pics while Chris was in the bathroom


Ahhh Bellingham!

I shant take a photo of my face, Ill take one of my feet while walking! God. 

And the drive home
Awwww!!! Im so lucky :)

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